Claim Your FREE Miracle Guard Dog Pads From Hartz!

Samples | May 3rd, 2024


Savvy Sample: Free Miracle Guard Dog Pads from Hartz.
Region: Hartz is sold in many store locations across the United States.
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Pets going to the toilet is part of life, but going to the bathroom on your carpets doesn’t need to be! Hartz is here to save the day and your carpets by giving out free Miracle Guard Dog Pads. 

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Sometimes, puppies and senior dogs have accidents on the floor and need a little extra support in learning where to go. Extend a helping hand to your furry friend by claiming this offer for free Miracle Guard Dog Pads from Hartz! Fill out the short form to see if you’re a match for the offer. If you are a match, your samples will be sent to you.

Miracles don’t need to be lucky. Click here to claim your free Miracle Guard Dog Pads from Hartz!

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  • Hartz has been in business since 1926! 
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