Claim Your FREE Plant Potting Class at Lowe’s!

Samples | April 9th, 2024


Savvy Sample: Free Plant Potting Class at Lowe’s.
Region: Lowe’s has more than 1,700 locations across the United States.
How to Claim: Register online or in-store at your local Lowe’s.
Bonus Info: If you want to learn how to make a salsa garden, view the details for the class here

Don’t let your green buddies down! Lowe’s is on a mission to turn you into a potting pro. Enjoy a free class and learn how to make your plants stick around for the long haul. 

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Do you ever wonder why your plants live a short life span? It could be because you’re setting them up for failure from the get-go. Learn how to set them up for success by claiming this offer for a free Plant Potting Class at Lowe’s! Register online or in-store and enjoy your class on April 13, 2024. 

Grow your indoor jungle. Click here to claim your free Plant Potting Class at Lowe’s!

Savvy Star Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Lowe’s has been in business since 1946! 
  • This is offered directly from Lowe’s. 
  • Register online or in-store to claim this offer.  
  • This Savvy Sample will be available on April 13, 2024.
  • This offer can teach you how to give your plants a long and healthy life!

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