Consider Cooking These Nine Foods On The Grill Instead of in Your Oven

Blog | July 27th, 2023

As the grand finale of summer approaches, often referred to as the dog days due to being the hottest yet, we are all trying to find that magic combination of staying comfortable without making our power bills skyrocket. One option that will make a considerable difference in home temperatures while bringing loads of fun to the table is turning off the oven and cranking up the grill. Though hotdogs and burgers are a popular pick, there are far more foods that will make cookouts a truly cool alternative! Try cooking these nine foods on the grill instead of your oven for a way to save some serious cash while surprising your family with unexpected grilled options that you, or they, may have never thought of!


This comfort food is better than takeout or delivery with a smoky, true-fired taste from a real grill. It’s super easy and can be custom-made to make everyone happy! You can even opt for mini-sized pizzas and let each prepare their own, which in turn means less work for you! Take it a step further on the simplicity scale and give frozen pizzas a chance to shine with this outdoor cooking variation!


It's true! You can actually add a twist to summer's famous lemony drink by making it on the grill! Take the traditional and add thyme sprigs, honey, and almond extract. The grill adds a woodsy touch before you add ice to make it cold and refreshing!

Beer Grilled Tofu

If meat is off your menu, try this tofu…marinated in beer and barbecue sauce then grilled to incredible taste bud-approved perfection! If the guys think tofu is too froufrou, the beer is a genius way to change his mind!

Grilled Ice Cream

You read that right, ice cream can be successfully grilled! With an egg and coconut crust to insulate and prevent the ice cream from melting, you will have the perfect surprise dessert to end your spectacular dinner “out”!

Grilled Romaine Lettuce

Lettuce can be a “blah” sort of side but there is a way to infuse it with smokiness and great flavor…on the grill! It can then be topped with your favorite additions to give it true pizazz, like lemon, garlic, and parmesan or blue cheese and bacon. This simple side dish will no longer be the one left behind!

Grilled S'mores Donuts

Donuts are heaven when they’re fresh, but after a few days, they become dry, sticky, and less desirable. Now, you can refresh these delicacies with a visit to your grill. The sugar on glazed donuts will melt and caramelize making the flavor better than ever. Add a touch of summery or fall goodness by turning an already amazing grilled donut into so much s’more!

Grilled Guacamole

If you love guacamole, you'll flip over this smoky, outdoor version! After all, everything tastes better when it’s cooked on the grill! Fire up a fiesta with this tasty option before summer comes to an end!

Grilled Cheese Bread

Imagine a steak, baked potato, salad, and hot buttered bread cooked under the smoky supervision of the grill grates! Complemented with onion and garlic, this bread cheese loaf is sure to be a winner at any BBQ or meal from the grill!

Grilled Rice

If you want to change things up from the expected potato salad or mac and cheese, everyone loves the simplicity of rice! However, this rice recipe is far from an ordinary grain when it is grilled with delicious additions of mushrooms, green pepper, and even kid-pleasing ketchup!

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