Decrease Your Summer Cooling Costs With These Simple Steps!

Blog | August 5th, 2021

Summer months are hot, hot, hot across most of the U.S. The cost to make your home comfortable goes up depending on the temperature difference between the inside and outside. When the sun is beaming down you can quickly start to sizzle under your own hot roof! When it’s cold outside you can bundle up in sweatshirts and cuddle with cozy throws, but there’s only so much shedding that can be done when the heat index rises. What can you do to make yourself along with your home comfortable and your cooling bills bearable? Try these tips to reduce your cooling costs today.

Start Simple

Before you think big like putting in a whole new cooling system, make a difference by starting with the little things. Keep your blinds close during the day, so hot sun doesn’t pour into your windows. Bump your thermostat up a couple of degrees. You won’t notice the difference but over time your heating bill will! Turn off the lights, especially in the daytime. Have you ever noticed how hot those lightbulbs get? If lights are on in every room, they too, are adding to the heat instead.

Dress Light

Be cool when you choose your wardrobe! Save the fuzzy slippers and blue jeans for fall and winter while opting for flip flops and shorts now. Tank tops are an inexpensive choice, often costing less than $5.00 each. When you have to go out or are faced with a zoom call, simply pop a shirt over the tank for a professional look. You’ll be calm and cool while collecting savings in the clothes department and on your cooling bills!

Add Some Fans

Whether you’re a fan of summer or not, adding a few to your home can make quite a difference! It’s a small investment upfront but overall you can save a bundle. Ceiling fans, tower fans, window fans or any other basic version will keep you comfortable, especially at night, for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

Maintenance Means Money in Your Pocket

Just as an older car burns more fuel, old filters make AC units work harder, too! Struggling units increase efficiency and cost more to run. Faulty filters can cause your entire unit to fail sooner than it should which will add even more cost to cooling. Filters should be changed at least every 90 days but preferably every 45 days. This is a cheap fix that could turn into an expensive problem if your AC unit gets clogged with dust, dirt and grime from dirty filters.

When You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

Truer words were never spoken! The once believed myth that the hottest part of the day is noon actually makes no sense at all. The longer the sun is out, the hotter things get! This means your home reaches its peak heat between 4 pm and 6 pm. How convenient is that since it happens to be time to cook dinner. Keep the oven off and crank up your outdoor grill! The food will taste awesome, your home will be cooler without adding “heat to heat” and those gentle evening breezes will be a much-needed breath of fresh air!

Additional Ways to Eat in the Heat

If slaving over a hot grill is still a bit too much, plan meals that will keep you as cool as a cucumber! Even picky eaters love a good sandwich. Or, cool down with a cold, crisp salad. Blend a smoothie filled with hydration, healthy hidden greens and a splash of protein from a variety of milk or yogurt. If you must have something to warm your tummy, use the microwave. Most importantly, remember to hydrate! We lose a lot of fluids in hot summer months and staying hydrated is always imperative. Think of it as a cycle…sweating cools your body down while hydrating helps you sweat. In other words, sweating is like the air conditioner of your body and it needs water to run. So keep the fluids coming to keep the cooling cycle going! A wake-up cup of coffee is fine but don’t overdo the caffeine as it can raise your body temperature.

Budget Billing

Your electric company can work with you on planning a budget for your utility bills. Ultimately you’ll be paying the same amount but you won’t have the unexpected, skyrocketing spikes during extreme temperature months. This will make writing that utility bill payment a bit easier while leaving a little extra cash in your pocket for summer fun!

Cool Dreams Without AC Nightmares

Losing sleep will take a toll on your health and it has been proven that we sleep better in cool temperatures. To avoid stressing about the AC running all night, try these other options. Pack up the heavy comforters and use lightweight sheets for your bedspread. Take a warm shower before retiring at night. If you take a cold shower your body will try to compensate and regulate by heating back up which can make you warmer than you were to start. Cooling your head at night reduces body temperature while improving sleep and you can make that happen with a cooling pillow!

Try to chill out and enjoy the rest of your summer! Anxiety makes you feel hot, too! So, decrease the heat and your electric bills with these cost-effective options!

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