Dive Into Summer With A $15 Pool Party!

Blog | May 23rd, 2022

At the first mention of summer, any and everything water-related comes to mind. When you can’t make it to the beach, pools are another perfect place to celebrate, relax and cool down. The pool alone is a big draw, so any addition is a plus toward making a huge splash when you want to party. Whether it’s your own, someone else’s or even a community pool, you can easily have an outdoor blast for as little as $15.00!  Let’s dive in here and plan some very affordable summer fun by the pool!

Dine Poolside With an Ice Cream Supper

Decades ago there was a thing called ice cream suppers and oh how magical they were! Those that owned a freezer brought it filled with homemade ice cream and those that didn’t bring a homemade cake. Wide-eyed kids, as well as adults, scanned row after row of freezers filled with real homemade ice cream on one side and additional dreamy delicacies on the other. Each contribution cost less than $10 and with it came an event that was never forgotten. In addition, there’s no guilt involved when swimming awaits to work it off!

In Pool Volleyball Tournament

Make your pool party a double sporting event with water volleyball. This set is an affordable regular price of $10.99 and the rest is free. But of course, appetites do happen where there’s activity, so have each team member chip in for pizza delivery which is the expected sports banquet meal. Be the champ of this pool party where everyone is a winner!

Poolside Luau

Have a Hawaiian experience without leaving your own pool! Make a CD or turn on YouTube to set the atmosphere with free tropical music. Add Dollar Tree waterproof leis for the guests and roasted pigs (hot dogs) on the grill for the hungry partygoers. End with a pineapple Dole Whip dessert for an awesomely affordable, perfect pool party with a truly tropical flair!

Take a Dip Party

There are two ways to “take a dip”. One is in a pool, lake, or at the beach. The other is to take a dip, as in a delicious menu item accompanied by chips. Combine the two and you’ll have a winning and very price-effective party that will provide smiles and full tummies for everyone! When you send out the swimming invites, make the pool admission fee a big bowl of a favorite homemade dip and a bag of chips. Dips are lifesavers when it comes to being a people pleaser, affordable as well as easy to transport and serve. When attendees help with food, the host can provide a cooler full of drinks. This kind of party allows everyone to jump in and enjoy a day out for far less than $15!

Swim In Movie

One of your party-goers is bound to have a projector. Hang up a big white sheet, toss in your inexpensive rubber rafts and instead of a drive-in movie enjoy the swim-in version! Since basically no money has been spent so far, set up a concession stand with fresh-popped, buttered popcorn and soft drinks for a real movie feel and a show with a twist!

Olympic Swimming Part

Everyone loves a good competition! A low-key, friendly version is a fun-filled experience for all ages. Your pool party can go the Olympic route in your own backyard with some inexpensive medals or trophies lined on display for the best diver, longest distance, and any other special talents. These awards can come from dollar stores or Oriental Trading Company where you can stock up on all sorts of summer event planning! Serve your participants and spectators with affordable food for champions in a patriotic charcuterie board like this one that serves up a gold medal party at a winning price! 

Be safe and enjoy your summer while spending less!