DIY Wrapping: Cheap/Easy Ways to Make Gift Wrap, Tags, and More

Blog | December 8th, 2022

Christmas should be the most joyful time of year but if you’re stressed out about overspending, your holiday cheer will take a detour and a nose dive in a hurry. One way to save some serious cash is by repurposing unique items for wrapping. Those pretty now, throw away later expenses add up in cost faster than a wink of the eye and a twist of the head which obviously gives you more spending to dread! Let’s make a list of ways to keep your cash in your wallet and Christmas coming without costly ribbons and tags as well as without pricey packages, boxes, or bags!

Recycle the reusable!

Starting this year, toss the torn paper but gently refold the boxes and gift bags flat, then store them in a clean, dry place for years of reuse. A dollar saved here and a dollar saved there adds up to a choice of more gift-giving or money in the bank.

Spread cheer over and over again!

Do you still receive Christmas cards? If so, cut them in squares and other shapes to make the most beautiful gift tags ever! Next time around, place the inexpensive sheet tags over the names and use again…and again and again! No Christmas cards? No problem! Cut and fold matching gift tags from wrapping paper scraps that are too small to wrap another gift!

Gift giving in the box it came in!

If you order gifts from Amazon and other online places, why spend more money to move your gifts from one box to another? It’s likely that your gift fits perfectly in the box it came in and on Christmas morning it truly is what’s inside that counts! No one will care what kind of box it’s wrapped in.

From old to new!

As you rummage through your Christmas attire, likely you will run across items that no longer fit or are out of style. Before you toss them, wrap with them! Turn an ugly Christmas sweater into wonderful wrapping or make last year's toddler clothing fit a gift! Follow these instructions or simply cut and wrap as you would with a sheet of regular wrapping paper. Tying over taping works best for security purposes in the “no peeking” department!

Tags that sparkle!

Need some sparkle under your tree? Some stores still use paper bags and even more, have the option, so take it and make tags! Poster boards are cheap and work well, too! Simply cut out the tag, use Elmer's glue on the ends and dip them into all colors of glitter! Use a fine tip marker for the “To and From” and you’ll have yourself some dazzling tags that will pick up the lighting from the tree with no need for bows!

Wrap up with nature!

Forget the over the top prices of bows that are easily squashed or adornments that cost as 

much as some gifts! Instead, turn to nature for a rustic look that can be returned back where it came from! There will be less trash to accumulate and using sprigs of evergreen will smell nice, too! Often big name stores that sell trees are more than happy to give you all the broken branches you want, for free! Or trek out and gather your own at any woodsy location near you!

Instead of socks for sad gifts, fill socks with pretty and playful presents!

Before fancy stockings were a thing, kids put their own socks out for Santa to fill. Repurpose your festive, new, unworn socks into gift bags! You’ll step back in time while bringing back a timeless tradition and putting the socks you’ll never wear, but hate to toss out…to an adorable, money-saving use!