Earth Month: Easy Ways to be More Sustainable at Home

Blog | April 13th, 2023

Earth Month is not just another celebration or reason to have a party. It’s not a time to blow up balloons and turn them loose to fall into oceans or put animals in harm’s way. It’s not a time to create bags full of extra trash filled with plastic plates, cups, and utensils. Earth Month is a time to celebrate the gift that is given to all of us and should include giving back to the guest of honor for healthy growth and replenishment. This celebration is one that starts at home and lasts all year. It begins with teaching our kids and grandkids the reason we celebrate as we instill these values in them. They, in turn, will learn to continue in a cycle that will make Earth Month and Earth Day a re-birthday.

Start with the Actual Earth

Dig right into the reason for the celebration, the earth itself. Have every family member plant a tree. Flowers are great but trees are more sustainable and will continue to grow and give for decades to come!

Water Improvement

Water is a life-giving gift of nature and not to be taken for granted. Clean drinking water is obviously imperative to our health. You can keep it and the earth healthy by investing in a home water filter instead of polluting with more plastic bottles. You’ll be treating yourself to the cleanest water possible by removing multitudes of impurities. Filters are far better than pricey and supposedly upscale brands of water served up in plastic. Invest now and over time you’ll save a bundle of cash as well!

Landfill Relief

Every time we throw something away it winds up in a landfill. It’s hard to fathom how the earth can hold the approximate 140 million tons of trash we toss yearly. Gather the kids and have them help think of ways to reduce waste. Possibly start a clothing swap. Give winter clothes new life for summer by cutting off and hemming tattered knees and elbows. Add nutrients to gardens, plants, and shrubs by composting banana peels, coffee grounds, apple cores, and more.

Help Nature Help Us

Keep all life healthy by avoiding toxic fertilizers that kill our pollinators which in turn lessens our food supply. The potent destruction also causes harm to the air we breathe.Think outside the box and have a blast with your kids in ways like sharing bread that is too stale for you but would be a feast for the birds. Keep the hummingbird population plentiful with a fresh supply of sugar water, just make sure you use only white sugar with no other added ingredients like red food dye which can be harmful and even life-threatening. Then sit outdoors in fresh air and watch their show of thankfulness.

Make Homemade Healthy Cleaners

Harsh chemicals make their way back into the earth which causes more pollution and increased harm to living beings. One of the most popular scouring powders on the market was found to emit 146 different chemicals, some of which have been linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, and more. The most toxic chemicals detected were formaldehyde, benzene, chloroform, and toluene…and though hard to believe, they are not listed on the label! Check out more info on Mommypotamus as well as many ways to make cleaners from natural substances like lemon, baking soda, salt and so many more!

Go on a Family Cleanup Field Trip

Out of sight is truly out of mind so let your kids soak in the need and cries for help when they see beaches and parks filled with trash. Give them some plastic gloves and trash bags to clean up our play and recreation areas, then have them take another look to feel the pride of their accomplishments! You might be surprised how contagious the fever of caring can become when others see children taking the initiative to clean up our world!

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