Eco-Friendly Swaps for a Greener Home

Blog | May 31st, 2024

Hello eco-conscious friends! Are you looking for ways to give your home an affordable makeover while keeping it in the green, both financially and sustainably? Your space can become that sustainable sanctuary with simple swaps that also keeps an excess of greenbacks stashed securely in the bank. These tricks are here to guide as you dive into a little DIY that will help you switch to greener pastures inside and out. So let’s get started and raise a reusable glass to a brighter, greener, cleaner household and an eco-friendly future!

Single Use Options are Out

Single use items are neither friendly to the environment or to your wallet. Ditch the disposables and hang on to reusable items to suspend excessive spending while slowing the process of our land filling with trash. Plus, many disposables can take hundreds of years to dissipate. You can start with affordable glassware for the home and stainless steel bottles for the road to save immensely on plastic accumulation. In addition, you’ll escape the mystery coatings on disposables that could cause negative health consequences.

Homemade Cleaning Potions

Toxic chemicals lurking in your cupboard or leaching into our landfills is a scary matchup. Whip up your own DIY cleaning solutions using safe staples like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Mix up a batch of all-purpose cleaner to conquer grime, concoct a citrus-infused degreaser to shine surfaces and blend a fragrant carpet freshener to keep odors out forever!

Bring Nature Indoors

Keep the green theme going indoors by adding houseplants for a pop of color and a plus in purifying the air around you. There are many low maintenance options that will breathe life into any room while also boosting your mood. This is a great way to add a combo that doubles as decor and healthy functionality!

Shop Smart

Say no to both plastic and paper at the grocery store and purchase a few adorable canvas totes that can be used over and over again. If you do bring home disposable bags, double up on their use as trash bags, save for the next shopping trip or use when picking up and discarding pet potty which keeps parks and public places sanitary.

Be Nifty, Smart and Thrifty

Thrift shops are trending to be more of a popular hotspot than secondhand savings. As awareness is being raised to turn from throwing away new or gently used items, thrift stores can be the ideal spot for treasure hunting. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. It’s kind of like a yard sale, but better, while you feel good knowing you’ve given so others can receive one of a kind gems!

Upcycle Uniqueness

Instead of being hasty and trashing too soon, get crafty and repurpose everyday items into quirky new creations! Give old glass candle and food jars nine or more lives by creating outdoor lighting with votives. Turn worn out jeans into new tote bags. Punch holes in old hoses and water an entire garden at once. Turn up your imagination now because these possibilities are endless!

Energy Efficient Money Savers

Slash power bills big time with small tweaks. Swap out old incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs. Install programmable thermostats to work better with current weather conditions and temps. Unplug electronics when they’re not in use. Turn on the lightbulb in your brain for similar ideas that will have your wallet and the planet thanking you!

Composting is Cool

Old food scraps become black gold as they enrich soil with mega nutrients. Invest in a composter or create your own DIY version. Coffee grounds, fruit and vegetables peels, eggshells and more magically become a superfood for plants and gardens while decreasing your trash load!

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