Embracing Self-Care: How To Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Blog | August 3rd, 2023

Summer vacations are sadly drawing to an end. Often, returning home has you in desperate need of additional rest from all the planning and work that tags along with fun times. Then you jump right into back-to-school prepping. Before you know it the most intense holidays of the year will be upon us. Thank goodness there is such a thing as National Relaxation Day! So put August 15 on your calendar and be a step ahead with a little help on how to soak in this much-needed day to take a deep breath and recharge!


Do you remember when you were a little kid and you were stressed about an oral book report or you had a spat with your best friend? Going outside to your swing set and swinging as high as the sky would make you feel like you were flying above your troubles. There’s something about swinging with no limits that can soar you into a world where nothing stressful can touch you, leaving you with that same child-like freedom from days past. Check out this one that is adult-friendly!

Massage Chair Joy

Instead of paying exorbitant fees, which only add to your stress, put your money into an investment that you can enjoy any day with no time limits or appointments! A massage chair in your home will always be waiting to soothe and comfort…any and every time you need it.

Waterfall Magic

If there’s comfort in soft rainfall, there will be even more soothing relief with a picnic by a waterfall. Lay back on a cushy blanket to feel the warm sunshine and gentle breezes after you’ve enjoyed a picnic packed in an old-fashioned basket from the nostalgic, good ol days!

Happy Hammock Dreams

Sway gently like a baby being rocked to sleep, but instead, indulge in the comfort of a hammock! You’ll be lulled to a land where you can escape worries and schedules as you dream of happy possibilities headed your way.

Cuddles and Movie Marathons

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day free from schedules, bundled on the couch with your favorite snuggly throw, wearing the most comfortable PJs on earth, remote in hand, snacks on the table, and a stack of your favorite movies!

Candlelight and Bubbles

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie that will surround you with relaxing flickers of light, pure healing, relaxation, and all-over skin rejuvenation. Drop these bath bombs into your tub and bring on a glass of champagne to add a variety of sparkles and bubbles to your “ahhhhh” experience!

While all is Calm, Bake!

During the holidays, it’s hurry up and do everything. For now, make that yule log that you never have time for. Or keep it simple and bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then breathe deep as you smell the aroma that fills your home with the comfort of baked goods and enjoy some “holidays before the holidays”.


You’ve seen the lovely holiday festivals in the movies that include a community dance. How fun is that?! Go ahead and take those lessons and create the same scenario in your neighborhood, community, or your own living room. It will lead to laughter and exercise, both of which are stress busters that also keep you moving and in shape. That’s a trio for self-care and relaxation all rolled into one!

Yoga-ta try this one!

Whether you’ve hiked to the waterfall picnic, stretched you’re swinging to the sky, baked up a storm or danced the night away, sometimes relaxing events can lead to sore muscles that need a little TLC. Add to your relaxation regimen with some time alone and body care that involves yoga mats, stretches, and deep breathing to put you in touch with the meaning of the season you’re celebrating…National Relaxation Day!

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