Enter for a Chance to Win a $3,000 Sleep and Wellness Package!

Sweepstakes | April 15th, 2024


Prize: A $3,000 Sleep and Wellness Package
How to Enter: Fill in your name and email on the entry form
End Date: April 30, 2024, at 11:59 pm PDT

Everyone feels better when they win!

Alen is giving one lucky winner an outstanding prize package that heals from within with a bundle of good for you prizes worth over $3,000!

When we think of wellness we often think only of healthy foods and plenty of exercise. But really, feeling your best goes a lot deeper. Sometimes tired eyes aren’t simply from lack of sleep. Constant or dingy headaches can be the result of unnoticed teeth clenching when you do sleep. Deep sleeping happens best in total darkness and getting in and out of bed can disrupt sleep patterns which is often the result when we forget to turn the lights and TV off. Plus, it’s likely we don’t realize the multitude of reasons that could be the culprit for feeling sluggish without a little help from wellness experts. This prize pack will be a quick fix in many areas and you could be the lucky grand prize winner who will bring it all home a bundle that includes an Alen 3 Bedroom Home Smart Bundle, Blue light blocking glasses from  Block Blue Light, a custom fit dental night guard from Smile Brilliant, a Red light therapy panel from Bestqool, a Smart sleep mask from Aura and a Health optimization diagnostic review from Lifeforce! The total value of this life-changing prize package is $3,200!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.