Enter for a Chance to Win a $500 Iron Studios Jurassic World Art Scale Statue!

Sweepstakes | January 18th, 2024


Prize: A $500 Iron Studios Jurassic World Art Scale Statue
How to Enter: Fill in your name, email and postal code on the entry form
End Date: February 29, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET

Here’s where you could win an outstanding collection piece from the world of Jurassic!

CollectorZown is giving away a true conversation piece wrapped within the amazement of Jurassic World and valued at $500!

The realism of Jurassic World can come alive at your house if you win this giveaway. You can visit time and time again, the Velociraptor, which is the eldest and only survivor of her pack as she faces an imminent threat in the form of an erupting volcano in the abandoned Isla Nublar. Positioned ready to attack, Iron Studios present the statue “Blue Deluxe-Fallen Kingdom on a diorama pedestal representing her nest next to the debris of an Explorer 04 vehicle crushed in the past by a T-Rex. The Velociraptor is highly detailed with blue-gray skin, marked with a characteristic blue stripe with a white outline that goes horizontally from her eyeballs to the tip of her tail, just as the last one of her species. One grand prize winner will receive this Iron Studios Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Blue Deluxe 1:10 Art Scale Statue valued at $500!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.