Enter for a Chance to Win a Bohlinger’s Broadway Pedalboard!

Sweepstakes | May 29th, 2024


Prize: A Bohlinger’s Broadway Pedalboard 
How to Enter: Fill in your name and email on the entry form to open 15 additional ways to enter!
End Date: June 21, 2024, at 11:59 pm CDT

Elevate your guitar sound to incredible heights! 

Premier Guitar is giving one lucky winner a stand out performance with a prize worth almost $2,000!

Seasoned guitarists know the value, but for the beginner, why do you need a pedalboard? A guitar pedalboard is a flat board or panel that serves as a holder of sorts plus a power supply for effects pedals when playing an electric guitar. The biggest reason behind it is to add tidiness. With your pedals loose on the floor you end up with a tangle of cables and zero to no organization. And having multiple pedals, you can add cool effects to your playing, from including a layer of distortion or fuzz to your playing, changing your acoustics and tone and many other ways that add a unique sound of your own. So, save where you can by entering to win your musical accessories and put your money where your actual music is, like maybe saving for a brand new, shiny guitar to go with the awesome additions that come in giveaways. For this one, one grand prize winner will a receive Bohlinger’s Broadway Pedalboard valued at $1,900! 

Click here and enter today for a brighter future in music that comes with organization and amazing sound!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.