Enter for a Chance to Win a Free RV Mattress!

Sweepstakes | May 14th, 2024


Prize: A Free RV Mattress
How to Enter: Fill in your name, email and birthdate on the entry form
End Date: August 10, 2024, at 11:59 pm PDT

Don’t let vacations cost you the comfort of home!  

RV Unplugged is giving away a mattress for campers or RVs that lets the winner choose their favorite option, a prize worth over $2,000!

You can save a bundle over time with a camper or RV of your own. Just think of the cost that comes with hotel stays or renting a room on wheels. So, you’ve taken the plunge, or are about to, in purchasing this major vacation accommodation that is ready to go when you are…no reservations required. However, the sleeping conditions may not be what you hoped for with the basic factory mattress that leaves you with a stiff neck and aching back. But who wants that on what are supposed to be the relaxing adventures you’ve waited and saved so long for? No one, that’s who! RV Mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding will give you the rest you need to keep the adventures rolling. Get your entry in for a chance to be the grand prize winner who receives their choice of a free mattress from RVMattress.com! This fabulous prize is valued up to $2,200!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.