Enter for a Chance to Win Ice Armor Gear Including a Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Hat and More!

Sweepstakes | December 16th, 2021


Prize: Ice Armor gear including a jacket, pants, gloves, hat, and more
How to Enter: Fill in your email, name, address, and birthdate on the entry form.
End Date: January 25, 2022, at 11;59 pm CT

When winter comes, get out and enjoy it in comfort!

Reed's Family Outdoor Outfitters is giving away a bundle of outerwear to four lucky winners!

Don't let the winter shivers keep you indoors when there is so much to experience in the wonderland of this season outdoors! Ice Armor provides incredible warmth, waterproof protection with breathability. Ice Armor also features an incredible breakthrough in many garments that protect if should you unexpectedly breakthrough ice! Ice Armor by Clam features MotionFloat suits with a segmented system that gives maximum flexibility and comfort along with safety and security of floatation in the event of breaking through ice or other potential water catastrophes. Most items come with a waterproof cell phone pocket to keep your communication safe and dry! With protection like that, this is a brand you can trust to keep you warm on the most blustery winter days!

With a warm win around the corner, know what you're facing when you step out into the great outdoors! With one quick glance at this beautiful terracotta outdoor thermometer, you'll know exactly how to dress and prepare! Click here to see the details and the beauty in this helpful way to plan your day!

Get your entry in here for your chance to win this bundle that will keep its winner warm all winter!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.