FREE Friday the 13th Activities to Celebrate Spooky Season

Blog | October 3rd, 2023

Ahh, Friday the 13th in October, the perfect blend of superstition and spookiness! As the crisp autumn air sets in and Halloween approaches, why not gather your fellow thrill seekers and embrace the eeriness with a day of free, frightfully fun activities? After all, the 13th falling on a Friday in October is a rare treat. We’ve got you covered with a list of ghoulishly good ideas to make your Halloween holiday night stand out. From crafty creations to ghostly hunts and terrifyingly tasty treats, here’s your guide to celebrating the spookiest day of the year practically free!

Creepy Craft Extravaganza

Gather your friends and family for a spine-tingling craft session that will haunt your home in a fun way. Create DIY decorations like eerie floating ghosts made from white muslin, cheesecloth, or lightweight fabric and string. Hang them from the ceiling to give your space a creepy vibe. For additional effects, fashion some monstrous mason jar lanterns by adding face masks inside the glass along with water and glow sticks inside. It’s a crafty way to add a ghostly glow to your surroundings.

The Great Ghost Hunt

Venture out into the twilight hours and embark on a ghost hunt like no other. Explore your local area for spooky spots, abandoned buildings, eerie woods, and if you’re brave enough…a dimly lit cemetery. Armed with flashlights and a sense of adventure, listen closely for the whispers and rustle of leaves which turn into footsteps of unseen ghost stories waiting to be told.

Hauntingly Healthy Harvest Meal

Turn your kitchen into a haunted haven by whipping up a spooktacular and healthy harvest meal. Create stuffed Halloween bell peppers with a creepy twist by carving jack-o’-lantern faces in orange bell peppers and filling them with a delicious mix of items like quinoa or rice, shredded cheese, black beans, corn, spices, and ground beef or chicken. Bake until the peppers are tender and there you have a meal that’s both nutritious and Halloween-approved! Garnish with some sliced olives or basil “witch hair” for that extra eerie effect.

Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Create a themed scavenger hunt around your home or yard. Craft clever clues or riddles related to Friday the 13th and let the adventure unfold. Whether you’re hunting for hidden treasures or solving riddles, it’s a fantastic way to enhance problem-solving skills while adding a spooky spin! Here’s a great place to start!

Pumpkin Perfection

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin-carving extravaganza! Head to your local pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect canvas for your spooky masterpiece. From classic jack-o’-lanterns to intricate designs, the possibilities and designs are endless. Host a pumpkin carving contest with your friends or family and vote for the spookiest squash that will win the fun trophy of terror. End the evening with a pumpkin seed roast for a bone-crunching treat.

Fright Night Movie Marathon

Wrap up your eerie escapades with a fright night movie marathon. Set the stage with flickering candles and a cozy blanket fort. Create a lineup of classic Halloween films consisting of a variety of spine-chilling suspense or fun fantasy. Do your research to find a fitting movie for every type of Halloween enthusiast. Prepare some popcorn, grab your favorite boxed movie candy, and let the spooky ambiance and long-time laughter flow into the wee hours of the moonlit morning!

Mysterious Midnight Stargazing

For a dose of celestial spooky sights, venture outside for some midnight stargazing. Lay out a blanket and gaze up at the night sky where constellations seemingly come to life. Share ghost stories, and legends or simply marvel at the magical magnitude of the universe. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a shooting star which you can also refer to as a cosmic wink on this foggy, suspenseful night.

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