Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing, Here’s How You Can Save!

Blog | April 4th, 2022

If you have any interaction with the world at all, either by TV and especially by car, you know gas prices are skyrocketing. Long gone are the days when gas was a dollar per gallon. Having moved onward and upward, this must-have commodity is approaching five times that price. For most, this is nothing short of frightening. As the saying goes, what goes up must come down, so we can continue to hope. Until that happens let’s dig deep and come up with some solid methods to shrink our gas expenses!

Turn Groceries Into Fuel Savings

Sign up for free club cards from your grocery store. Kroger, for example, has one. Just be sure that when you head over to get your gas you are shopping at a Kroger that actually has a gas station. With these cards, you earn points when buying groceries then use your card at the pump and save. The more groceries you buy the lower your gas price!

Look for Competition 

Plan your fill-ups in areas where there are multiple gas stations. You’ve heard the term “gas wars”, and that is exactly what they are. When there’s a station on each corner they literally battle to have the lowest price which is a win for you and your wallet!

Join a Carpool

If you live near coworkers the obvious answer is to carpool. When four people ride together your gas cost is 1/4 of what it would normally be. The more drivers and passengers, the more you profit! While you catch a ride to work, let your kids ride the school bus. The gas burned on trips to and from school, sometimes multiple schools, five days a week for years will be an eye-opening surprise!

Go Electric 

Electric cars are on this side of the horizon with many already on the road. If your gas guzzler is on its way out and a new car is on its way in, consider little to no gas mileage worries and switch to electric transportation. If your commute is reasonable, check out an electric bike which has the bonus of a workout and transportation all in one! That could also mean less costly trips to the gym!

Unload the Unnecessary

Did you know for every 100 pounds of vehicle baggage you eliminate, your fuel economy increases by one or two percent? So, clear the car clutter and collect the cash!

Cash vs Card

While credit cards are convenient, when it comes to purchasing gas, cash might be best. At some stations, you can save up to 10¢ per gallon when you pay with cash. Sure, it might be an inconvenient walk to go inside and pay but when you’re trying to get those steps in any way, you might as well get paid for it!

Plan Ahead to Avoid Expressway Gas Stations

Convenience comes at a cost and gas stations cash in on yours. When you’re on a road trip or vacation it’s a no-brainer to pull off and fill up at the quickest, closest stop. When you’re at home or on a familiar route, plan ahead and purchase your gas away from the exorbitant prices at expressway stations! 

Smooth Sailing to Saving

Though expressway gas stations often take advantage, you should be taking advantage of expressways whenever possible. When you drive for long periods at one constant speed you burn less fuel. The constant stop-and-go driving means accelerating more which in turn burns more gas. If the choice is convenient, take the expressway and save, just be sure to fuel up before you get there!

There’s more than one way to skin the rising gas prices. Put these ideas to work and together we can make a definite difference!