Here’s How You Can Make a Thanksgiving Feast For Less than $50

Blog | November 10th, 2023

As Thanksgiving approaches, the thought of a scrumptious feast may bring both excitement and a bit of apprehension. With rising costs, it's natural to worry about breaking the bank while keeping up with holiday traditions. But fear not, for there are savvy ways to create a bountiful Thanksgiving feast that serves at least four people without emptying your wallet. With these cost-effective options, you can create a delightful Thanksgiving feast for less than $50. By watching sales, ads and seeking deals on essential ingredients, you can maintain the cherished tradition of a Thanksgiving feast without straining your finances. It's a season to be thankful and a delicious, budget-friendly meal is something to be truly grateful for.

Turkey – The Star of the Show

A Thanksgiving feast wouldn't be complete without a turkey. The good news is that turkeys are often on sale a week or so before Thanksgiving. You can find a turkey for approximately $1.50 ($1.28 at Walmart) per pound, coming in at less than $20 for a family of four. If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, consider purchasing a turkey breast, which can cost around $15 for a six-pounder.

Stuffing -The Sidekick Must Have

Homemade stuffing, known as dressing in some parts, is not only delicious but also cost-effective. You'll need a pan of Bisquick biscuits ($3), a pan of cornbread ($2), celery ($1), onions ($1), butter ($1), broth from the turkey ($0) and some poultry seasoning ($1). With these ingredients, you can whip up the perfect, filling partner for your turkey.

Mashed Potatoes -The Affordable Side Loved by All

For creamy mashed potatoes, you'll need about five pounds of russet potatoes $3), one stick of butter ($1) and milk ($1). With a total of $6, you'll have enough to serve your whole family and your guests.

Gravy -The Finishing Touch

Creating rich and savory gravy is super affordable. You can use the turkey drippings, flour ($1), and chicken broth ($2) and a tad of milk to make a boat full of gravy that costs around $3. 

Green Beans – Another Budget-Friendly Side

A classic green bean casserole requires fresh or frozen green beans (approximately $2), cream of mushroom soup ($1), crispy fried onions ($2), and some seasonings ($1). For a total of $6, green bean casserole will never be left off of your Thanksgiving table. For an even cheaper option, serve a heaping bowl of whole green beans seasoned with broth from your turkey!

Cranberry Sauce – For a Tremendous Trio

Cranberry sauce is a delightful addition to any Thanksgiving meal. You can make it using fresh cranberries ($2), sugar ($1) and orange zest ($1). With just $4, you'll have a sweet and tangy accompaniment for your turkey and “dressing”. Or go with the can, which many love most, for about $2!

Pumpkin Pie – A True Classic 

You know what they say about passing around that pumpkin pie! Finish your meal with the classics and coffee. You'll need a pre-made pie crust ($2), canned pumpkin ($2), condensed milk ($2), eggs ($1) and some spices ($1). For about $8, you can have a delicious dessert that serves four…or eight if no one claims seconds!

Beverage – An Inexpensive Choice

Instead of going for costly beverages, opt for a batch of iced tea using tea bags ($2) and sugar ($1). For just $3, you'll have a refreshing drink you can make by the gallon!

Decor – Elegance on a Budget

Every Thanksgiving meal needs a touch of decor added to the table. Simply take the kids on a hunt for nature from your yard or a nearby park. Line the colors of fall down the center of your table for a budget-friendly centerpiece. Cost: FREE!

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