How To Create a Halloween Costume at Home for Little to No Money!

| October 12th, 2022

Halloween and trick-or-treating shouldn't cost a fortune because after all, that defeats the purpose of free candy, right? Make it a magical time by creating hilarious yet comfortable costumes for your wallet and for wearing. Dig deep into your closets, attic, and garage rather than your pockets and create costumes for little to no money. Use a few basic tricks then get out there and get those treats!

For the Chilling Children

Every child loves cotton candy so how much more will they love being their own fluffy batch?

Items Needed

Pink T-shirt, a little large

Leggings, white or pink

Pillow filling

Adhesive spray

Pink paint (for silk flowers) or non-toxic spray paint

Costume wig, with hair removed

Poster board for cone

Elastic to hold cone on your head

Blush and glitter for face, optional


-Open and spread the filling out on newspaper. Do this outside away from houses, cars, etc.

-Spray the filling with paint to resemble cotton candy. Allow to dry.

-Turn filling over and spray the other side until you get your desired look.

-Using the adhesive spray, thoroughly cover the shirt and wig base with the fluff.

-Make a cone with the poster board and attach elastic band.

-At the time to dress up, put on the leggings, then the cotton candy shirt, wig and cone.

-Add glitter and blush if desired.

-Be as sweet as you look and head out to collect more sugary confections!

For the Tricky Teen

Since the cotton candy was pink, this is for the guys who won’t hesitate to wear the status of chick magnet!

Items Needed


Red Felt


Hot glue and glue gun

Spray adhesive

Chenille chicks from Easter baskets, or inexpensive, small rubber ducks will work


-Cut and bend cardboard to form a horseshoe-shaped magnet.

-Glue magnet parts securely together.

-Cut and fit red felt and foil to cover as pictured.

-Apply felt and foil with spray adhesive.

-Attach “chicks to the foil “magnetic” area with a glue gun.

-Wear the costume with a desired and cool-looking “chick magnet” outfit.

For the Ghoulish Group of Grown Ups

This costume works best when done as a group. Click here to see it in action! Fill this trick with treats and roll around the neighborhood to hand out candy on Halloween night. Since you’re out and about, hang a sign on your door at home that says “gone for a rockin' and rollin' ride” to let tricksters know to keep an eye out for a double treat!

Items Needed

Extra large box that will fit you

Pool noodles for the faux railings of your coaster cart

PVC pipe parts to make the railings stronger, optional

Duct tape to hold pieces in place

Assorted acrylic paint or spray paints to paint your cart

Old pants to look like you’re sitting down

Stuffing for your fake legs

Sneakers or any old shoes

Fannie pack


This takes a bit of designing on your own but so worth the effort! Click here for the building visual.

-Using the cardboard, build a coaster car seat that fits you.

-Use duct tape to securely tape it together.

-Cut a hole large enough for you to fit through as you will be walking with the seat.

-Attach the pool noodles with hot glue and duct tape for the security rails.

-Paint your cart as desired.

-Stuff the legs of your chosen pants with poly-fill or newspaper.

-Attach the shoes to the base of the cart and secure the pants into the shoes to simulate someone in a sitting position.

-Use the fannie pack to cover the separation between the “real you” and the fake legs.

-Watch this video again with your other “riders” to be sure you create a realistic effect.

-Don't forget the candy for trick-or-treaters on the streets!

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