How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Pro

Blog | February 21st, 2023

It’s beyond amazing how time marches on! Before you know it school will be out and vacations will be in! With many airlines now charging a hefty fee for checked bags and space often being limited in vehicles, the way we pack is crucial for a comfortable trip. The need for necessities and a variety of weather-changing clothing can make or break a vacation, so let’s check out some ways to save space without giving up enjoyment!

Togetherness Makes Space

Folding a complete outfit together will not only save space but will also make you more efficient with your time. Start with your pants or skirt laying flat, fold your shirt choice on top then add your undergarments and socks. Using the outer garment as an envelope of sorts, fold in half and then into a square containing all other items. Place each outfit in your suitcase in file cabinet style. You will have each day's attire ready to grab and go with space to spare! To keep your packing neat and wrinkle-free, this clothes folding board includes two sizes, one for adults and one for kids!

Taking the Best Steps in Packing

Shoes take up a lot of room but they are obviously a must-have item. Use them to your packing advantage by folding and rolling items like socks, hose, and bras tight then stuff them inside the shoes. Putting shoes in cheap shower caps will also protect yukky soles from touching your other items.

Beat the Bottle Restrictions

When it comes to lotions, foundation, face creams, hair gel, deodorant, and other items that fall between a solid and a liquid, put them in a contact lens case! These tiny solutions will far exceed any size worries as well as taking up very little room. One will hold enough for a weekend trip and if you need more, add more cases since they take up a minuscule amount of space!

Stop Leaks at the Source

Sometimes travel-friendly bottles aren't your friend, after all, leaving you with a gooey mess and stained clothing. Put a stop to leaky tops by placing a thin sheet of plastic over the opening of the bottle before you screw the top on. An inexpensive baggie like this should do the trick nicely!

Pack Jewelry with no Tangle Ease

When you want your sparkle but a bulky jewelry box is a no-go, pack your pieces individually in a handy pill box! You can coordinate any accessories by the day to match your outfit while using hardly any space at all!

Vacation Style in the Sun

When a hat is a necessity, avoid flat fashion by stuffing socks and other small and soft accessories inside your headwear. The hat or cap will basically get a free ride as a holder of delicate items which in turn, will keep it in brand-new shape!

Fly High but Fly Light

As airline restrictions get tighter, make your luggage lighter. Often you are given a weight limit and the heavy, hard-case baggage can add up! This ultra-light suitcase will allow you to take more of what you need without costing you cash or giving up necessities!

Heat Resistant Protection

Most women and some men need heated hair styling. Waiting for a hot iron to cool enough to pack can seem eternal. Save time by slipping your curling iron, flat iron, heated brush, and more into a heat-resistant oven mitt before packing it in your suitcase. It’s also the perfect place to rest your accessory to prevent scorching hotel or home countertops. If you’d rather have a heatless style and more room in your luggage, try this no-heat curling rod headband and wake up ready to go!

The Souvenir Strategy

You want your treasures from your trip to arrive home safely, so tuck them individually inside fuzzy socks for added padding of protection. Take an extra pair for fuzzy footing to secure your breakables while also saving space and doubling as slippers.

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