How to Plan The Most Exciting Summer Vacation In Your Backyard for Less than $100!

Blog | May 23rd, 2023

With the cost of most everything, except paychecks, soaring high, summer plans may look a little bleak. Flying to far-away destinations may be out of the question and even road trips can mean breaking the bank on gasoline alone. Dining out adds up fast unless you split meals and hit only the fast food joints. Who wants to spend their long-awaited vacation scrimping on unhealthy options and way too familiar places? You might as well stay home. Wait, that’s a great idea! Create an exciting vacation with high-quality fun, delicious food, that’s filled with incredible memories made in your own backyard. Choose one or several options to set your space up to be a summer paradise with Amazon here to help. It can happen for less than $100 and here are some sensational ways to do it.

A Bigger Blast of Fun for Your Pool

If you have a swimming pool it will be way more exciting for kids six and up with a NERF Super Soaker Megaforce Ride On Battle Tank Inflatable Pool Float. There will be hours of fun with a continuous water supply that shoots over twenty feet and adds immeasurable laughter with a few sly giggles mixed in!

No Pool? No Problem!

It’s not summer without some sort of water feature. When you don’t have a pool you can still be cool! Add a continuous splash of water-filled fun with this premium Slip Splash and Slide. It comes with three bodyboards to make your ride down the heavy-duty water slide a smooth one. The advanced three-way sprinkler system gives a continuous flow of water to all three lanes and the trio of riders!

Spaces for the Little Ones

Include everybody in your backyard fun zone and that means the little and furry ones. This genius summer space is created to be both a splash pad and a shallow baby pool. It’s made with thicker and more durable materials so dogs and children can play with no worries of damage while being super easy to clean. The non-slip texture is designed to increase grip and allow pets and kids to enjoy the water while ensuring their safety.

Keeping Fun in the Sun Safe

You could have Disneyland in your backyard, but if you get a raging sunburn, it’s a guarantee you won’t have fun. Keep the party going and your skin feeling great with the protection provided from a trusted sunscreen. Neutrogena Beach Defense is water resistant and provides heavy-duty SPF 70. It’s kind of like having insurance for a long and happy vacation.

Fire Features are a Must

There’s something indescribable about playing in the water combined with the smell of burgers on the grill. Then, as the sun sets and the stars come out, there’s the campfire magic of s’mores and the warmth that dries the last remnants of the waterlogged day. This Wood Burning Fire Pit with a Cooking Grate will do it all to make your mini, at home vacation complete!

The Grand Finale

When at the beach you may see fireworks in the distance, but when at home there are sparklers! These, however, aren’t the traditional ones that scare kids and worry parents. These Solar Garden Light Firework Lights come on at dusk and give you a show that lasts until dawn! Plus, you’ll get your money’s worth with a display that will last all summer and beyond! With fun in the sun, water features, campfires, and fireworks, plus the taste of summer on the grill and in the air…all for $100 or less!

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