How to Plan the Perfect Springtime Picnic

Blog | April 11th, 2023

The idea of a simple picnic goes back to the early 19th century with beginnings similar to what it is today. History shows a picnic as a meal that was jointly contributed to and enjoyed outdoors. So yes, it’s safe to say we still agree that the idea of this treasured activity hasn’t changed much. Maybe it’s time to switch this long-standing event up a bit and plan the perfect springtime picnic fitting for all ages! With warm weather approaching, outdoor gatherings are too, along with pollen and other allergens that are abundant this time of year. Food allergies of all sorts are also springing up in abundance with no time limits, so personalize your foods to suit your needs!

Picnics for Toddlers

Toddlers have ultra-tender skin so make sure your picnic doesn’t crash and burn! Shade trees are great but the sun can shift quickly. Take along foolproof fun and protection with an inexpensive tent like this, or something similar. Sneak in nutrition by making a feast of flowers using melon petals, cucumber leaves, and cheese planters. If nap time happens, snuggle them in their own sleeping bag that fits in perfectly with the tent theme. Then you can sit back and have a minute to yourself!

Picnics for Kids

Kids literally love to eat and run, so after an adorable lunch of unique entrees like corn dog muffins and kid friendly salad in a jar, add fuel-burning games and giggles featuring old-fashioned simpler times. Hopscotch always leads to jumping for joy as do jump ropes which can be bought for a song at the Dollar Tree. Speaking of songs, sing around a portable fire pit campfire as you cross the finish line with kid-approved smores and an award-winning picnic!

Picnics for Teens

With teens a bit harder to please, broaden their horizons with a visit to other lands without leaving the local park or your own backyard. Stop in Tokyo for traditional ground-level dining. Place a simple board on the grass and surround it with inexpensive pillows or even pool floats. Load up an ice-packed cooler and pick up sushi or go with a bento box option for traditional feasting. And no worries, all sushi isn’t raw fish, many are fried options that are right up any teens alley. Add some boba pearls to any drink for a delicious touch. If Japan isn’t their jam, opt for pizza and checkered tablecloths for a taste of Italy that no one can pass up!

Picnics for Couples

Couples consist of all sorts of combos…single couples, married couples, first date kind of couples. But one thing for sure is a couple means two. Turn your picnic into a treat for each other. If you don’t know already, make it a point to find out what your partner likes. You make their favorites and they’ll make yours…colliding two entrées, sides and desserts for a heart-felt picnic for two, made by two. Top it off with a bottle of chilled wine or champagne to celebrate time together, memories made, and the picnic you’ll be talking about for a lifetime!

Picnics for Adults

When you’re a kid you think being an adult means total freedom. But when you become an adult, reality hits. Finding time alone is like finding an oyster with a pearl on the beach. Rare. So when you get that break and head out on a picnic just for adults, use this time to do things you can’t easily do with kids. Take your picnic out on a boat or on the end of a pier. Hike to a breathtaking waterfall. Make your surroundings special, then make a big spread with your feast of foods that kids say no to. Try a charcuterie board or grill steaks that don’t have to be cut into little bitty pieces. And most of all, add this amazing and easy campfire picnic margarita! Don’t forget to invite your adult friends to this one-of-a-kind getaway!

Picnics for Seniors

The senior years can vary for many but one thing that’s here to stay are memories. Likely you’ve raised kids, traveled the world or simply worked hard for decades and now you’re ready to turn the chaos into peace. Maybe you’d rather “picnic” on your own patio without the need to leave home. Thinking and looking through the eyes of those older in age, yet still being totally young at heart…make a list of your favorite times in life. Maybe your dream picnic is from childhood with Dad grilling burgers to go with a homemade milkshake. Or a re-creation of the meal on your first date. Possibly you remember more recent yet fleeting days of Happy Meals and chicken nuggets. However you choose to picnic, make it yours in ways that bring back the happiest times of your life…and relive them all over again!

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