How To Prepare Your Home For A Heavy Snowfall

Blog | January 14th, 2022

Snow is delightful but it can become frightful if we aren’t prepared. No matter where you live, in areas that expect heavy snowfall, or those that seldom get a dusting, storms can come out of nowhere, unexpectedly and send more of a white, fluffy season than you ever dreamed of. Although inconveniences can be a part of any weather situation, snow days can be cozy, fun, and safe if you’ve thought them through. Let’s make a list of essential items that will keep us on the good side of old man winter! 


We can’t survive any weather without food and hydration. Assuming the power doesn’t go out, stocking up on most non-perishable items would work. Thinking ahead in case those outages do occur and you have no way to cook, what then? If you have a gas stove, stock up on matches to carefully light up the burners for a way to cook anything in a skillet or pot. You’ll be able to fry, boil and sauté with this option. If the storm comes and goes, leaving behind after-effects that keep you at home, cooking on a charcoal grill is perfect for a good meal and a cozy outdoor gathering. You may not have hot water for washing dishes so keep your food prep simple. Some easy stovetop or grilled ideas are eggs, hotdogs, chicken tenders, frozen vegetables, quick-cooking rice, noodles, canned soups, and bread with cheese for yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. Use your imagination to mix and match for some winter meal magic. 


Hydration is imperative in any weather! If you don’t have power, contain your beverages and sit them just outside your door. In a snowstorm, they’ll stay super cold. Keeping most fluids in your garage will be an adequate refrigerator when the outdoor temperature drops. Easy care hydration choices might include naturally flavored canned sparkling water, bottled waters, and juice in cartons, bottles, or cans. Even milk will hold up well nestled in the snow! 

Canned Foods  

These options are endless especially if they come with a pop-top. To be safe make sure you have a manual can opener on standby. Nominees for this category are canned vegetables, canned fruit, peanut butter, Vienna sausages, canned tuna, and salmon. 


If you want to build a snowman and other calorie-burning activities, you’ll need energy! An array of quick snacks will keep everyone fired up and ready to roll…from snowballs to frosty’s body. A selection of granola bars, cheese sticks, cereal, individual applesauce, crackers, and chips (healthier versions are best) should do the trick! 

Warm Clothing and Accessories

Now that nutrition is covered, keep yourself covered and warm as well. Blankets and throws are imperative. Electric versions can be a lifesaver if your heat goes out but you still have power. Heating pads will provide a little warmth for you and a lot for a pet! Slip into something comfortable with thermals, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or the fuzzy pajama versions. Keep those toes safe with ultra-warm socks and invest in a good reliable winter coat. Head coverings, scarves, mittens, and gloves will seal the deal on preparing for cold weather days. Don't forget sweaters for dogs and cats…even with a natural coat, they can get cold too! 

Power Backup

Being without power for a day will be doable if you have a fireplace and wood. Having logs such as Duraflame 3-6 hours will get your fire going faster and keep it burning longer. If the power is out, that’s a different wintry story. Having a generator is worth its weight in silver and gold! If you don’t use it, awesome! It's like having insurance…you don’t appreciate it until you need it. Tea light candles are a great option for subtle lighting. They’re contained and burn out on their own being safer than taper candles that can easily get knocked over and cause a catastrophe.

Fun Things To Do

If your snow day does nothing more than keep you off the roads, be prepared with fun things to do at the house. As long as you have a way to warm up, go outside and play! Keep sleds, snow toys and snowman props stocked to pass the time and enjoy the snow!  When you return indoors, have games, puzzles, building blocks, and anything that doesn’t require power…in case you don’t have any. If you do, stock up on movies no one has seen yet to keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Clearing a Path

Keeping snow under control is key.  Even the south has occasional blizzards, so no matter where you live, plan ahead. Keep a snow shovel, blower, and battery-filled lighting handy. When the sun comes out, having solar options will give you much-needed night lighting. 

Unexpected weather can pop up in any season but winter is the only one with storms that can be turned into fun. Stocking up is never a waste of money because most items can eventually be used. When life‘s storms come, prepare for the worst so you can enjoy the best! 

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