How To Save Big on Fall Home Maintenance & What You Can Hold Off on Until Spring

Blog | September 21st, 2023

As the leaves change color and the temperatures drop, you might wonder how to keep your home maintenance costs low this fall. Did you know that timely upkeep can prevent damage and save significant repair expenses down the line? 

This blog post is your roadmap to efficient home care during autumn, outlining essential tasks for safety and comfort while highlighting chores that can wait until spring.

Ready for some savvy homeowner tips? Read on!

Essential Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

There are a few tasks you simply can’t avoid once the autumn season rolls around. One chore is to clean the gutters to remove any leaves or debris that may cause blockages and lead to water damage.

Clean the Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a crucial part of fall home maintenance. If left unattended, accumulated leaves and twigs can lead to clogs that cause costly damages like roof leaks or even foundation problems in extreme cases.

By climbing a sturdy ladder and removing this debris yourself, you guard against water infiltration during storms or the freeze-thaw cycles in winter. Remember to flush out any remaining muck with water and give close attention to the joints for potential leaks.

To further ease this task each year, consider investing in mesh gutter guards—these handy tools cover your rain gutters and keep most debris out without blocking drainage functionality.

Get ahead of storm protection by keeping those gutters clean!

Seal up Air Leaks

Leaks in your home can increase energy usage and cost you more on heating. Sealing these air leaks around windows, doors, vents, and the foundation is a practical way to keep cold drafts out and warm air inside during colder months.

This maintenance task proves essential for fall preparation as gaps in caulk or weatherstripping provide an easy pathway for air exchange.

Cracks may not be apparent until you're feeling the chill. Inspect all potential areas meticulously for any gaps. Applying weatherproofing measures aids in preserving heat within your dwelling, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

The result? You enjoy comfortable living spaces while scoring some savings on winter heating costs!

Inspect the Roof

Getting on the ladder for a roof inspection helps you spot early signs of damage and save significantly on repairs. Look out for loose nails and missing shingles that might compromise your home's security during fall storms or winter chills.

Regular cleaning, particularly with trees hanging over the roof, keeps harmful debris and moss at bay, extending your roof's lifespan. Similarly, vent inspection is vital to maintain proper ventilation in your attic, which can prevent condensation issues leading to mold growth.

Staying proactive means spotting potential problems before they become expensive headaches!

Protect Faucets from Freezing Temperatures

Protecting faucets from freezing temperatures is an essential fall home maintenance task that can help prevent costly damage to your plumbing system. Freezing water in outdoor faucets and pipes can cause them to burst, resulting in leaks and potential flooding.

To avoid this, winterize your outdoor plumbing by insulating the faucets with covers or wrapping them with towels or foam insulation. Additionally, shut off exterior water valves and drain any remaining water from the pipes.

These simple steps can safeguard your plumbing system from freezing temperatures and ensure it functions properly throughout the winter months.

Freshen the Furnace Filter

A fresh furnace filter is crucial for maintaining energy efficiency and good air quality in your home during the fall season. When the filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, it can cause your furnace to work harder, resulting in higher energy costs.

By regularly changing the filter, you can improve the performance of your HVAC system and save money on utility bills. Remember to replace the air conditioning filter before shutting it down for the season.

Stay on top of furnace filter changes throughout the fall to keep your heating system running smoothly.

Give the Furnace a Checkup

Giving the furnace a checkup is a crucial task for fall home maintenance. You’ll probably want to call in a professional HVAC technician to perform this inspection. They will thoroughly examine your heating system, including checking the ductwork for damage or blockages.

The technician will also clean and service the furnace and A/C compressor. That helps ensure everything works efficiently and reduces the risk of breakdowns during the colder months.

Remember to follow safety precautions when dealing with your furnace, as these systems can pose risks if not handled properly.

Ready the Fireplace

One of the essential fall home maintenance tasks is to ready the fireplace. Ensuring that your fireplace, wood stove, or chimney is in good working condition will keep your home warm and help prevent fire hazards.

Start by scheduling a professional chimney inspection and cleaning to remove any built-up soot or debris. That will improve airflow and reduce the risk of chimney fires. Remember to clean the woodstove and check for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Installing a chimney cap can also help keep out animals and debris while allowing proper ventilation. 

What You Can Do Yourself To Reduce Costs

Homeowners can take matters into their own hands to reduce costs for fall home maintenance tasks. By performing these tasks themselves, they can avoid hiring professionals and save big on expenses.

For example, cleaning the gutters is a crucial DIY task that can help prevent costly repairs. Regularly removing debris from the gutters ensures proper drainage and prevents water damage to the home's foundation.

Another task homeowners can tackle is tree trimming. By trimming back overhanging branches, they can prevent potential damage during storms and save on expenses for roof repairs or broken windows.

With a bit of time and effort invested now, homeowners can enjoy a well-maintained property throughout the fall season without breaking the bank on unnecessary expenses. So grab those gloves and tools – it's time to roll up your sleeves and start reducing those costs!

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Hold Off Until Spring

Delaying fall home maintenance tasks until spring can have several benefits. By postponing certain tasks, homeowners can save both time and money. Additionally, tackling these tasks in the spring can help prevent damage to your home during winter.

Some examples of fall maintenance tasks that can be held off until spring include cleaning gutters, inspecting decks for cracked wood and loose nails, and winterizing your home.


Save money on fall home maintenance by focusing on essential tasks that cannot be postponed, such as cleaning gutters and sealing air leaks. Inspect the roof and protect faucets from freezing temperatures to avoid costly repairs.

Following these tips will help you save big on fall home maintenance while ensuring your home is ready for the changing season.

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