I’m a Mom and a Grandma, Here’s What I Actually Want for Mother’s Day 2024

Blog | May 1st, 2024

As a mom and a grandma, I’ve learned that the greatest gifts often come from the heart. While chocolates and flowers are nice, what I truly want for Mother’s Day 2024 goes beyond material possessions which eventually fade. As time goes on I realize more and more the gifts of love, laughter and cherished moments spent with my family are by far the best. Whether it’s quality time together, heartfelt gestures or thoughtful experiences, these are the gifts that mean the most and hold a special place in my heart as a mom and a grandma. Here are some gifts that I actually want, and I’m sure many other moms and grandmothers can relate and agree!

Quality Time

More than anything, I cherish spending quality time with my family. Whether it’s a leisurely brunch or simply sitting down for an overdue conversation and reminiscing about their memories, this is a gift like no other. The bonus is hearing my kids’ views and hilarious stories that I had forgotten, which tells me I did a better job than I thought!

Handwritten Sentiments

In this digital age, there’s something special about receiving a handwritten letter or card. I love reading messages in my kids and grandchildren’s own words expressing their love, memories and favorite moments frozen in time from our years together. This is a keepsake my heart would treasure forever.

One on One Time

While Mother’s Day in itself can be busy, sometimes with more than one mom to visit, this gift can be spread out to provide a tremendous treat for days and weeks ahead. I would be thrilled to receive an invitation for a few hours spent with each child individually. From young to grown, uninterrupted quality time and communication over a cup of coffee or swinging at a park would make my day…any day!

Electronic Help

Though electronics are an unavoidable part of everyone’s life these days, there are some things moms don’t quite get the hang of or simply don’t have time for. Being an avid picture taker, my phone stays in constant overflow. To save electronic space, deleting photos I’d rather keep is sadly inevitable. My hopes run high for my kids offering help in backing up my digital treasures in a special and secure way that’s easy to access. Knowing my photos are safe and accessible would be a priceless gift for this mom!

Photo Paradise

Speaking of photos, I find great joy in reliving cherished memories that are now distant ones. A photo album, or several, filled with snapshots of family gatherings, milestones and special moments is a gift that I would treasure and revisit time and time again. Can’t find many photos? If mom has a Facebook page there are likely oodles of options for secretly swiping to surprise her with lasting prints!

Mothers Day Service

Oh, how many times I’ve begged my grown kids for this one! Mother’s Day services at many churches are both heartwarming as well as a little emotional and bittersweet. Often they begin with a fresh flower for each mom which is a delightful way to begin. While there’s two sides of the mother coin, being a mom and having one, the light at these services shines on both ladies. They take you back to your own childhood as well as remembering the tiny little fingers and toes of your own babies. Having my kids by my side for this special hour warms my heart in an indescribable way. For them, I hope it teaches lessons in parenting…and I admit, somewhat selfishly, I’m hoping it takes them back with fondness and appreciation while reiterating my love.

Personalized Keepsakes

Every woman loves flowers but real ones are pricey and are gone within days. I prefer a silk option that brightens up spaces and stays with me when my kids aren’t. If you still have little ones, a casting set makes a permanent keepsake of precious baby feet and hands that you CAN hold for a lifetime! They won’t be little long so capturing moments before they slip away will make a perfectly priceless gift for Mother’s Day!

Thinking Ahead

Prevention and peace of mind can actually be wrapped and gifted. As mothers and grandmas age, especially if living alone, there are ways to give comfort and relief to everyone. Check into a Personal EKG Monitor or a One-Touch Emergency Communicator to protect those you love most! 

Laughter and Joy

Above all, I want Mother’s Day to be filled with happy, cherished moments. Whether we’re sharing stories, playing games, snuggling with little ones or simply enjoying each other’s company, the laughter and joy we share is the greatest, most memorable gift of all!

For the Kids

To kids young and old, remember…to your mom, you’re her universe. Her love runs deeper than you know. Dig deep into your memory bank and remember all the times that she was there for you for both big and small. Discreetly taking care of issues when another kid stole from you, being at every one of your ball games or activities even if it meant hobbling on crutches, helping you with school projects and teacher misunderstandings, welcoming your friends, never forgetting a birthday, using her direct line to be sure Santa knew exactly what you were dreaming of for Christmas…and the list goes on. She truly wants nothing in return except your love and to be heard.

So, take a minute and send her a text to say you’re thinking of her and you love her. Let her know you got home safely. Allow her to share in your accomplishments because after all, she’s still incredibly proud of you! The things Mom really wants cost little in cash, yet a few minutes of your time and a piece of your heart will make her feel like the richest of moms, filled with a life of abundance!

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