Life Hacks for Busy Parents to Get Ready for Back to School

Blog | August 15th, 2023

The only negative of having time off to relax and decompress is that all good things usually come to an end. Weeks of vacation turn all too quickly toward back-to-school season. With it comes the hustling, bustling chaos of returning to your overly heavy routines. Anytime you can find a shortcut or an easier way to do things, you’ve found a treasure that can make your life easier. We are here to help make that happen with some essential life hacks for busy parents that will ease the transition into a peaceful school year!

Regulate Little Bodies

Late summer nights now need to shift back to school morning schedules. Starting an earlier-to-bed, earlier-to-rise routine a week or two before school begins will get students back on track before the big day arrives.

An Outfit a Day Keeps Chaos Away

Having a cubby in the closet with a space for each school day is genius. In each slot, place everything needed with Monday on top and Friday attire at the bottom. There will be no more scrambling for what to wear!

Weather Watch

Though things can change quickly, check out the forecast before choosing the wardrobe. This can save precious morning moments while preventing the havoc of changing entire outfits with little time to spare.

A Detour for Tangles

At bedtime, pull long hair on top of little heads and secure it with soft hair ties. This will prevent toss-and-turn tangles and hair will be full and easy to brush into a fast finish…creating a hair do most kids can “do” themselves.


Parents, have your coffee pot clean, filled, and ready the night before. With one push of a button you’ll have a quick eye opener to get your day going.

It’s Time for Persuasion

Snooze buttons are for chaos but Clocky will get you up and going with time left over. You can’t help but smile at the funny, runaway clock on wheels that will jump from your nightstand, roll, and hide…making you get out of bed and chase him. Then, when you’re up…you’re up to stay!

Take a Load off of Laundry

Start with a separate clothes basket for each child. This cuts out sorting and painstaking time caused from look alike clothing. Use color coded hangers to once again save sorting time. You’ll know which color belongs to which child, can hang items straight from the dryer then put them immediately in the closet with no wrinkles and no piles of clean clothes to rummage through.

A Lunchtime Lift

Making lunches the night before will add ease to your mornings. A Lunchable look-alike with healthier, sturdier options will be a welcomed change of pace that you can switch up daily. Using a bento box like this with an airtight lid, you can send your students off with a lunch they will be sure to eat and enjoy!

Backdoor Backpacks

Having backpacks ready to go and in the same location daily will save your morning sanity. When everything is together and ready to go, you are less likely to make return trips to school due to forgotten lunches and homework. With gas prices sky-high, every mile counts. A backpack storage space is worth the small cash investment to save precious time. This one will have shoes ready for stepping out, too!

Use That Glove Box

Kids are always forgetting or losing gloves and accessories. Keep an extra pair in the storage box in your vehicle to stay warm and on time!

When Things Get Hairy

Keep a sturdy storage bag under the car’s seat containing a hairbrush, hair ties, clips, and other hair accessories for those “hair-um”- scar-um kind of days!

Creative Calendar

Teach responsibility and remember schedules or projects with an interactive calendar. Never feel the desperation of forgotten book reports, missed plays, or other important events again! Change it up weekly or monthly as life changes with it!

You Name It

Short and simple, put names on everything! Or get snazzy and add an air tag tracker to help you keep tabs on valuables, jackets, and important belongings.  

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