Nine Amazon Products You NEED If You’re Hosting a 4th of July BBQ!

Blog | June 28th, 2022

June is flying by and before you know it we will be raising flags and celebrating Independence Day! Gatherings can be stressful especially if you’re the host, but with Amazon by your side, you can decorate, feed your guests and have fun with items that make your holiday easier! Have a blast, include and immerse yourself more this year as you entertain and focus on the reason

we celebrate. This Fourth of July, let’s throw the best barbecue ever with Amazon products you absolutely need for hosting this year’s star-spangled event!


Appropriate decor is a must for any festive celebration! With our country’s colors as a focal point of your 4th of July cookout, this star-lit tree with adjustable branches is perfectly adorned with red, white, and blue stars that will bring festivity and a pop of patriotism anywhere, day or night! It's 18″ high for a stunning table centerpiece or to add a fitting glow to light your way when the real stars come out! The LED lighting is conveniently battery and USB powered for easy placement as a spotlight for your upcoming event!

Authenticity is a Must 

When you have a genuine BBQ, the meat must be smoked over real wood for the authentic taste we all crave! This variety pack of wood chips will give you a choice of mesquite, hickory, pecan, cherry, apple, or oak to bring out the mouth-watering, deep-smoked taste that all true BBQ should have!

No Bugs Invited 

For all holidays that land in the summer, bugs will try their best to crash your party and into your food! You can deter their celebration and protect yours with food nets that keep everything covered and bug-free! These mesh food tents will pop up easily to quickly cover your homemade celebratory goodness! When the party's over, they collapse in a flash to store for next time!

Serving the Easy Way

Sometimes you do it all and sometimes guests bring a dish, resulting in a lot of food! Keeping multiple meats, baked beans and other entrees warm can be quite a task! With these warming buffet pans, you don’t need a plug-in and can arrange your lineup anywhere! When you go to the trouble to make it right, it’s worth the effort to serve it right as well!

Relax and Enjoy 

Any great barbecue brings delicious comfort food with a much-needed sidekick called basic comfort! Friends and family can’t stand up through the whole celebration so make them feel at home, stretched out, and relaxed while they eat, chat or wind down and watch the distant fireworks! Scatter a few of these fan-favorite zero gravity lounge chairs around the premises to provide a perfect touch to your winning celebration.

Fun Festivities 

If you can't get the old-fashioned sparklers that really sizzle, glow sticks or red, white, and blue glow stars are the next best thing…and a bit safer, too! Add a magical glow when night falls, an exciting surprise for the kids or snap and insert them in plants or any place you need an after-dark surprise!

Stay Comfortable

Celebrations must go on no matter how hot the weather gets. But you can make everyone more comfortable with this welcomed misting system. For those who need a cool down but don’t want to be immersed in water, this is a very cool option to take your entire July from miserable to fondly memorable!

Grand Finales

All great barbecues should end with a matching dessert and there is nothing better than homemade ice cream! From childhood memories to making new ones, no one will forget the taste, texture, and wow factor that only true homemade ice cream can give. To make this cooling delicacy, you’ll need a freezer similar to this one, which is a summer investment you will never regret!

Clean Up

All good things must come to an end and that includes Fourth of July barbecues. Don’t let the dread of cleanup hover over your party when you can use the convenience of heavy-duty trash bags. Simply toss, tie and you’re done! Making it easy for all to pitch in allows the host to relax and reminisce on a job well done with another successful barbecue in the books!