No Spend Holiday Traditions That Will Fill Your Home With Cheer!

Blog | December 13th, 2023

Who says the holiday season has to be a financial tornado? You can deck the halls, jump with joy, and create heartwarming moments without spending a single cent! With all the savvy savers out there, we've created a trunk full of festive ideas to use now or save for later that promise to fill your home with warmth and cheer, without breaking the bank or bending your wallet

Dazzling Decorations

Why buy when you can DIY? Start with a stack of white paper and get creative by making intricate paper snowflakes to turn any space into a winter wonderland. Gather the whole family for a crafty afternoon to transfer the simplicity of paper into intricate magical, holiday decor!

Spread Joy Through Volunteering

There’s no better time than the season of giving to show your children how it’s done. Volunteering at local charities, giving to Operation Christmas Child, taking a huggable gift to a hospitalized child, finding an angel tree scenario to make a wish come true, or spending a day serving meals at a shelter is your chance to teach valuable lessons in compassion and kindness that will last a lifetime.

Wallet-Friendly Treats

Though everything costs something, the feeling of “free-dom” comes when you don’t have to spend additional cash. By using items already on hand, your kitchen will become a true hotspot during the holidays. Visit your pantry and gather ingredients to fill your home with comforting smells that warm the heart and fill the tummies with fresh baked love. Use this link that takes your ingredients and turns them into pure delectable goodness! Always remember, that the most valuable gifts often come without a price tag.

Cinema Style Coziness

There are mounds of magical movies this time of year, so don’t waste another day in gathering your star-studded lineup. Serve inexpensive popcorn for the show and when it’s over, string the rest for the tree. We seldom see a Christmas movie that doesn’t mention hot cocoa so make sure it’s on your movie menu as well. Collect your class act DVDs or check out the channels that go full steam ahead with Christmas right after Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll have enough free entertainment to last you till Santa comes!

Thank Nature With the Free Gift of Decor

Nature provides the perfect touch for holiday decorations, and the best part, you won’t be charged for it! Head outdoors, and gather pine cones, evergreen branches, sprigs of green leaves, holly berries, and any other suitable option that catches your eye. Bring the whole family together with this outdoor excursion then put your talents to work to create ornaments, candleholders, wreaths, garland, and anything your holiday heart desires, all for free!

Twas Many Nights Before Christmas

And all through the house, there’s no better way to stir up a cuddly and cozy atmosphere by the fire than with a book or a heartfelt story. Bring back traditions with books that have been packed away for years, or narrate your own tales from Christmas memories buried in the past. Pass down the highlights nestled in Christmases of long ago or keep recent ones alive as you share the glory of each. There’s no better gift to give your kids than stories and memories from older generations that will become more valuable with each passing year.

Trash to Treasured Treat Holders for St. Nicholas Eve

Start your own tradition on December 5 which is St. Nicholas Eve. On that night children in Germany put their shoes out in hopes of finding them filled the following morning with treats such as fruit, nuts, chocolate, candies, cookies, coins and other small gifts. Instead of shoes that have been who knows where, make adorable boots on a budget with fuzzy socks that have been collecting in your drawers and a clean empty water bottle. Click here for the fun and easy directions.

Stargazing Searches for Santa

Experience the magnificence of the night sky without spending a cent. Step outside on a clear evening, gaze at the stars, and track the possible path of Santa’s sleigh. Little imaginations will be ignited while keeping the sparkle and magic of Christmas alive.

Spruce Up Your Coffee or Cocoa

There’s an easy way to rise and outshine your local coffee shop. Simply pour your favorite creamer into a holiday silicone mold and freeze. Adorable gingerbread men, Santas, Christmas trees, and more can float on a whipped cream cloud topping or take an immediate dunk for a festive and flavorful addition!

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