Pool Party Hacks You Won’t Be Able To Live Without!

Blog | July 14th, 2022

A huge joy of summer is the anticipation of escaping energy-sapping heat by way of cool, blue, sparkling water. Pool covers coming off is the summer equivalent of the Christmas tree going up in December. The excitement begins to mount as pool parties and invitations to join start rolling in. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a pool in your yard, neighborhood, or community with access any time. If not, you likely have friends that do.

Whether hosting or helping, making pool days into a true celebration takes time and money with an unavoidable touch of stress sprinkled amongst the fun. To soak in every ounce of enjoyment and make a huge splash in the memories of summer 2022, here are some pool party hacks that you won’t be able to live without!

Keep it Simple

Simplicity can help dodge stress and overspending. Plus, when you get caught up in too many details, time slips away and you miss the whole point of enjoying the party. The pool is the main focus of this event, as it should be. Swimming works up an appetite, so basically, anything you serve will feel like a feast! Grab-and-go foods are perfect for informal, no-pressure meals without the need to juggle overfilled plates. Try make ahead foods like finger sandwiches in several varieties. Bags of individual chips and a pan or two of fresh baked brownies, cut into bite-size squares will make a meal that takes the crew back to childhood. Fill coolers with ice, canned drinks, and bottled waters. There are first-hand memories that lead to promises of cold drinks submerged under ice on a hot day being an unexplainable, welcoming sight! Put the food under net coverings like these to protect from pesky intruders allowing guests to self-serve at their leisure. This menu is fast for you and easy for swimmers with less cost for your entertainment budget!

Safety First 

The leading cause of stress at the pool is the potential danger that water brings. Having life jackets for everyone would totally break the budget…and then some. But inflatable swim rings are dollar store affordable allowing you to provide one for every non and not-so-great swimmer. Plus they are an iconic look of summer which gives a huge bang for the buck…safety and decor all in one!

Decor on a Dollar

You already have the swim rings, so finish decorating to match the look and the price with beach ball archways! You’ll also have a great photo op on standby! For each, you’ll need a few more of those rings, beach balls, and latex glue. The result will provide showstoppers that wow all who enter! It’s large enough so you’ll only need a couple, proving less is more! Less spending with a pop creates a festive, cost-effective party!

Music is a Must!

What’s a party without some background music? You don’t need a band, DJ, or any fancy stuff. In fact, you can have a booming sound and choices galore with an Alexa Dot! Talk about easy! When the party is over the entertainment won’t stop there! Alexa will be around for continued entertainment all year long including options to play games, answer questions and so much more! Easy, inexpensive, and stress-free as promised!

Nightlife at the Pool

Who says pool parties have to be in the hot, skin-burning sun? Make your party the coolest ever by having it at night. Easy is an understatement filled with pure and simple fun on a night out with a twist! Start with water that changes color with this underwater LED pool light! Then throw in some fun and games with these light-up pool balls! And of course, the ultimate money-saving glow necklaces, bracelets, and other similar items are there just waiting for your imagination to kick in with endless ideas from table lighting to goodie bags. Food keeps better and flies are at bay in the cooler night air which alleviates host/hostess anxiety. So, save on sunblock and enjoy all the ambiance and amenities an after-dark pool party can give! 

Take the “s” from summer and build a pool party filled with simplicity, safety, swag, sound, and starlit swimming to create a gathering that saves stress, time, and money…a combo you can’t live without! 

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