Save 26% on Glade Carpet and Room Deodorizer in Lavender and Vanilla!

Deals | November 21st, 2023


Discounted Item: Glade Carpet and Room Deodorizer in Lavender and Vanilla
Price at time of Publishing: $16.99

Here’s the easy and lasting way to a fresh smelling home!

Glade  is a trusted name in keeping your home super fresh. This carpet and room deodorizer is made with no harsh chemicals and provides a refreshing and relaxing lavender and vanilla scent as it removes odors from carpets. When your carpet smells fresh, your whole house takes on an overall clean vibe. Use this delightful product before vacuuming for continuous help to eliminate odors from carpets and leave your home with a pleasant, clean scent. Simply sprinkle it on your carpet and vacuum thoroughly after 15 minutes. It can be used every time you vacuum for enhanced results.

The Glade Carpet and Room Deodorizer in Lavender and Vanilla is now $16.99, down from $22.99, a savings of $6.00! 

Click here and save on the scent that relaxes combined with a hint of vanilla!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.