Save 27% on Spiced Rum Spirit Essence!

Deals | June 28th, 2024


Discounted Item: Spiced Rum Spirit Essence
Price at time of Publishing: $6.99

Upgrade your specialty drinks with the addition of incredible taste!’

There are two kinds of great taste, the kind your taste buds love and the ones that show your immense preference in impeccable quality. When you add this spiced rum to your liquid spirits, you will reach the ultimate in both forms of taste. This spiced rum essence is a rich golden rum with vanilla and spice notes. Simply add this flavoring essence to 2.25 Litres of 40% ABV distilled spirit or vodka to make three 750ml (26-ounce) bottles. Using spirit essences is easier and faster than distilling from scratch and is much more cost-effective than buying pre-made spicy rum spirits at a retail store. Be sure to shake well before use, then sit back, sip and enjoy!

This Spiced Rum Spirit Essence is now $6.99, down from $9.62, a savings of $2.63! 

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