Save 29% on a Two Piece Set of Double Wall Freezer Beer Mugs!

Deals | September 18th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Two Piece Set of Double Wall Freezer Beer Mugs
Price at time of Publishing: $25.99

Ice cold never grows old!

Whether it’s beer or any beverage that needs to be cold, keep it that way longer with freezer mugs!

These are called beer mugs and they are, but they are also the perfect way to keep any drink ice cold. Not all glass can be safely frozen without bursting or breaking but this hand blown borosilicate glass is made for the job. When the mug has been adequately frozen, there is no longer a need for ice. With no ice, your drink will not be diluted or become watered down. Simply place this mug upside down in your freezer for two hours then add your drink. You can wait a bit to enjoy an ultra-cold temperature or you can choose to indulge immediately. These mugs feature a comfortable grip and hold up to a pint of your favorite beverage. Though perfect for beer, these mugs are also ideal for soda, milkshakes, tea, milk and more!

This Two Piece Set of Double Wall Freezer Beer Mugs is now $25.99, down from $36.69, a savings of $10.70!

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