Save 30% on a 250-Piece Compostable Dinnerware Set!

Deals | December 10th, 2023


Discounted Item: A 250-Piece Compostable Dinnerware Set
Price at time of Publishing: $27.99

Save time and the earth one meal at a time!

Things, old and new are being thrown away at an astronomical pace. You can do your part and join the eco-friendly journey with this deal that will help save the planet while saving you a bundle of cash. Start the savings with this 250 piece set of biodegradable plates that are made from 100% sugar cane fibers and cutlery made from cornstarch, which is also plant-based and eco-friendly. It can be disposed of and easily dissolved by the environment alone. The set includes heavy-duty paper plates, dessert plates, extended forks, knives and spoons. You'll reduce dishwashing which also helps the environment. This set has been certified by FSC and SGS which provides a secure commitment to the environment. The plates are food safe with no wax lining and no toxic materials. They are heat resistant up to 248°F without warping or deforming.

This 250-Piece Compostable Dinnerware Set is now $27.99, down from $39.99, a savings of $12.00! 

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