Save 30% on Unique GeRRiT Japanese Whiskey Glasses!

Deals | June 25th, 2024


Discounted Item: Unique GeRRiT Japanese Whiskey Glasses!
Price at time of Publishing: $59.59

Here’s a glass that will make every drink feel like a special occasion! 

There a Japanese touch in these top-quality heavy-duty glasses that will add conversation and style to your gatherings. They are made from lead-free crystal which ensures a safe beverage option wrapped in the beauty of twisted glass. These unique, stylish and sturdy glasses are designed with a texture that makes them comfortable for your hand to and intriguing to your eye. Not only are these a gorgeous glassware choice, but also a work of art. The outer surface contrasts with the smooth inner surface while ensuring and maintaining the beverage temperature. They are heat resistant and won’t break easily exquisitely crafted, elegant and gorgeous, you will feel very different from the traditional boring ordinary glass. The sturdy base prevents tipping, ensuring these Whiskey Glass Sets won’t fall off easily while you’re drinking.

This Unique Four Piece Set of GeRRiT Japanese Whiskey Glasses is now $59.59, down from $85.59, a savings of $26.00!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.