Save 32% on a KitchenAid Digital Countertop Air Fryer Oven!

Deals | May 4th, 2024


Discounted Item: A KitchenAid Digital Countertop Air Fryer Oven
Price at time of Publishing: $149.99

An air fryer in your life changes everything in the kitchen! 

You’ll love this air fryer with the no-flip air fry basket and 360° system that perfects everything from fresh-cut french fries, to delicate fish, crispy chicken and more! No flipping is needed as the top and bottom heating element design and convection fan ensure the inside of the oven is heated to and stays at the right temperature. The large capacity accommodates everything from a sheet cake to a full pan dinner, a 12-inch pizza or two full-size chickens. Features include nine essential cooking settings, from proofing and dehydration to toasting and air frying so you can create just about anything in this one handy countertop oven. Also included is one air fry basket, one 9×13-inch baking pan with grill rack, one removable metal drip and crumb tray and one removable metal rack. This 

KitchenAid Digital Countertop Air Fryer Oven is now $149.99, down from $219.99, a savings of $70.00!

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