Save 32% on Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls!

Deals | May 31st, 2024


Discounted Item: Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls
Price at time of Publishing: $13.66

It always pays to keep your eye on the ball and out for a savings! 

The weather has made a turn for outdoor enjoyment and this set of 15 golf balls will make the course more pleasurable. These balls will provide peak performance and maximum distance at a fantastic price. The semi-translucent cover allows for greater visibility while the aerodynamic and symmetrical 352 dimple design increases lift and decreases drag. They also have a fabulous spin ratio for better control on the green. An improved smash factor makes this Nitro White Out Golf Ball aerodynamically superior to others on the market. Additional features include a cut-proof cover that is constructed of Dupont Lithium Surlyn for long term durability, high performance, outstanding resilience and extreme resistance to cuts and abrasions. The low compression delivers a softer feel for players with slower swing speeds making it easier for these golfers to swing with more energy when striking the ball which results in more distance. These balls conform to all USGA rules. Buy now and save a bundle on this 15-pack consisting of five boxes of three multi-color golf balls.

This 15-Pack of Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls is now $13.66, down from $19.99, a savings of $6.33!

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