Save 33% on a Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Unit!

Deals | March 26th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Unit
Price at time of Publishing: $49.99

Tuck your snow accessories away until next season with this safe and secure storage option!

Here is an amazing and convenient way to store and display your top choices in winter toys. This rack provides four levels to hang various sizes of snowboards and skis as well as other skiing accessories like ski gloves, helmets, ski poles and more. You will feel better about retiring your goods until next season with them in sight and organized. Features include suspension columns and hooks designed to allow you to easily adjust the columns and hook distances according to the length and width of your boards. The ABS supporting arms will protect your equipment from scratches while holding them securely in place. The unit is easy to install by simply choosing a suitable height and using the included screws to fix the horizontal columns on the wall then hanging other hooks and shelves according to your needs.

This Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Unit is now $49.99, down from $74.99, a savings of $25.00!

Click here to bundle up your skis and snowboards with a comfortable savings! 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.