Save 33% on Six Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls!

Deals | January 14th, 2023


Discounted Item: Wool dryer balls, six pack
Price at time of Publishing: $19.95

Be smart with your laundry and save in many ways!

These amazing wool dryer balls have been featured in Yahoo Lifestyle, Real Simple Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Slate, Bustle, and ABC News. They are also the prestigious winner of the 2019 “Best of the Best” product awards by Hearst Media! This amazing invention is eco-friendly and lasts for more than a thousand loads of laundry! You will no longer have to deal with messy dryer sheets that you will likely find still clinging in embarrassing situations. You will no longer have to constantly empty your laundry room trash. And best of all, you will no longer have drippy liquid fabric softeners taking up valuable space. The use of a wool dryer ball shortens drying time which in turn saves energy and money.  They also soften laundry naturally with no chemicals or synthetics used, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin and for babies’ delicate skin. This set includes six original Smart Sheep 100% premium New Zealand wool laundry balls, felted in Nepal. 

The Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls Six-Pack is now $19.95, down from $29.95, a savings of $10.00!

Click here and keep static away with reusable, money saving results! 

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