Save 34% on Non GMO Superfood Coffee Creamer!

Deals | March 28th, 2023


Discounted Item: Healthy superfood coffee creamer
Price at time of Publishing: $13.00

Add healthier options to your wake-up beverage when you take advantage of this awesome deal! 

Laird Superfood has created a creamer that is good for you and the earth! Adding this nutritional and great tasting creamer to your coffee will increase energy and performance in your daily routine whether you are at work, play or working out! This creamer is made with a blend of functional mushrooms that add health, wellness, focus, cognitive function, stress support and energy to your coffee and your activities. This Laird creamer contains a 250mg equivalence each of Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Cordyceps mushrooms per one tablespoon of creamer. Simply stir a couple of tablespoons, or to taste, into your coffee until smooth and feel good about the healthy, non GMO boost it gives! 

Laird Non-Dairy, GMO Free Superfood Creamer is now $13.00, down from $19.77, a savings of $6.77!

Click here to add a healthy boost of superfood ingredients to your coffee at a 34% savings! 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.