Save 35% on a Six Quart Old fashioned Ice Cream Maker!

Deals | March 27th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Six Quart Old fashioned Ice Cream Maker
Price at time of Publishing: $84.99

There’s no better ice cream than home made! 

If you’re going to indulge, do it right! You can make the real deal in ice cream with the AmeriHome six quart freezer. Store bought ice cream can’t compare to the flavors of freshly made goodness. You will have a true winner at family gatherings and summertime BBQs with the ultimate refreshing treat ready to serve in about 30 minutes. This ice cream maker is just like the one grandma used to have, with the addition of modern conveniences. You can choose from two ways to make it using the electric motor or the hand crank. The electric motor can do the mixing while you sit back and relax, or you can let the kids experience the old fashioned way by taking turns using the crank. The hand crank is also a convenience when camping and other occasions when you are without electricity. The freezer comes with instructions for making three tried and true ice cream flavors consisting of classic vanilla, rich chocolate and strawberry. Or use your own recipe favorites like banana, banana strawberry and other unique options. Plus, you will know exactly what you are eating by choosing wholesome, real ingredients rather than chemical and artificial options. Features include an aluminum mixing can with a clear plastic lid inside an old fashioned pine tub that is sealed for durability. The ice crusher helps keep the ice and rock salt from binding and the mixing paddle keeps the ice cream mixture moving so it sets up evenly. The result will be ahhh-mazing!

This Six Quart Old fashioned Ice Cream Maker is now $84.99, down from $129.99, a savings of $45.00!

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