Save 38% on a Microwave Bacon Cooker! 

Deals | May 16th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Microwave Bacon Cooker
Price at time of Publishing: $17.99

Go ahead and make your bacon without a dreadful mess!

This microwave bacon cooker can cook up to a full pound of bacon at a time. It is designed to hold up to 18 slices of bacon which can serve an entire family without a wait. The entire package can be cooked in less than ten minutes without the fear of hot grease popping in your eyes or on your skin. You can cook it to your own taste for those who love it extra crispy and for those that don’t. No stove or frying pan is needed which saves time and effort in the kitchen. The special design keeps the bacon upright, allowing the grease to drip off while the tray catches it, resulting in consuming less fat and cholesterol. The rack design is compact enough to fit any size microwave as well as being easy to store. The microwave bacon cooker is designed to circulate hot air by the process of convection which means each slice of bacon is cooked quickly and evenly, while the vertical rack prevents sticking together. You’ll have no skillets to scrub as the BPA-free unit is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, It also comes with a cover to prevent splattering in your microwave.

This Microwave Bacon Cooker is now $17.99, down from $28.99, a savings of $11.00!

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