Save 38% on a Wiggle Cart Ride on Toy for Kids!

Deals | July 4th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Wiggle Cart Ride on Toy for Kids
Price at time of Publishing: $46.41

Kids can absolutely have fun and be active at the same time! 

Keep your little one entertained for hours with toys they can ride. This wiggle car is a great way to keep your little ones active while having fun indoors or out with no gears, pedals or batteries to worry about. This ride is made of durable plastic and free of banned phthalates, making this a safe way to have a blast. The weight capacity is 110-pounds and provides miles of enjoyment for children ages three and up. With a simple twist and wiggle, they’re ready to go. The Lil’ Rider company is committed to providing the absolute best price and value on all products. This is sure to be a toy that will delight, fascinate and invigorate children for years to come. The Wiggle Car is a masterpiece that uses the inexhaustible energy of children by being kid-powered…all it needs is a driver and a smooth, flat surface to provide kids with plenty of exercise. And all you need to do is add tasty snacks for kid preferred fuel!

This Wiggle Cart Ride on Toy for Kids is now $46.41, down from $74.99, a savings of 28.58! 

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