Save 42% on a Half Face Respirator Mask!

Deals | December 8th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Half Face Respirator Mask
Price at time of Publishing: $23.48

Never cut costs on protecting your health unless Amazon does it for you! 

There’s no reason to take a chance on inhaling toxic fumes and debris or affecting your vision… and even more so when you can snag a sale like this one. The 3M 5000 Series Half Face Disposable Respirator features organic vapor and P95 particulate filters to provide respiratory protection against airborne contaminants up to ten times the permissible exposure limit. This mask works well in a variety of workplace situations to protect your health from sprays, painting, pesticides, construction hazards and so much more. This one is a great choice that comes with the convenience of less long-term maintenance.

This Half Face Respirator Mask is now $23.48, down from $35.85, a savings of $12.37! 

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