Save 43% on a Metronome All Instrument Tuner!

Deals | January 14th, 2022


Discounted Item: A Metronome All Instrument Tuner
Price at time of Publishing: $27.97

Stay tuned for the best sound your instrument can give!

This tuner works for almost any instrument with a tuning range of A0-C8 and a calibration range of 410-450 Hz. It features preset tuning modes for guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele as well as settings for woodwind and brass instruments. You will be able to tune with the built-in mic or input jack which works with electric instruments and clip-on contact mics. The large digital LCD display makes reading accurate and easy. It also changes color from red to green when you are in tune. It has an adjustable volume control or you can choose to plug in your headphones for privacy.

The Metronome All Instrument Tuner is now $27.97, down from $49.00, a savings of $21.03!

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