Save 45% on a Cool Bubbles Insulated Live Bait Fishing Container!

Deals | March 17th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Cool Bubbles Insulated Live Bait Fishing Container
Price at time of Publishing: $25.56

No one needs unpleasant bait on your boat! 

With this handy companion, you can keep your fishing bait lively and fresh. Here we have an insulated, aerated bait container that maintains oxygen levels with its long-lasting pump. The pump runs up to 44 hours using two alkaline D batteries or 22 hours with one D battery. The fish bubbler pump works by funneling 1.14 STL of air per minute and the special weighted air stones provide greater dissolved oxygen. Additional features include an extra thick styrofoam bucket, impact resistant case, a rubber booted switch and dip net, making this bait container perfect for multi-purpose use, including fishing, transport and traveling. This unique storage also includes a large lid for easy bait net access, cutting surface and mounting tabs for tools and tackle. It is ideal for crappie, ice fishing and fresh and saltwater use. For 50 years, the maker of this product has been designing with high-quality materials for long-lasting use. 

This Cool Bubbles Insulated Live Bait Fishing Container it’s now $25.56, down from $46.78, a savings of $21.22! 

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