Save 47% on Two Luxury Goose Down Pillows!

Deals | June 3rd, 2024

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Discounted Item: Two Luxury Goose Down Pillows
Price at time of Publishing: $24.99

Lay down on goose down for a fairy tale type of sleep!

Sink into an amazing night’s sleep or a reviving nap with a Botduck pillow filled with goose down feather filling. Each feather undergoes a meticulous cleaning process in 90°C purified water and is washed 16 times to ensure the utmost in purity and cleanliness. It is then gently dried with 120°C steam to regain its luxurious feel and fluff. These pillows are from a professional manufacturer of down feather pillows that has provided this same quality in pillows to over 27 international luxury hotels. Each is filled with ultra-plush down and feathers with a 3D structure of the down that locks air in the gaps between the feathers. This process provides a balance of softness and firmness for a supportive and comfortable pillow that does not deform, bind or shift which ensures they are a wonderful option for side, stomach and back sleepers. The covering is made of a tightly-woven, high cotton thread count that is skin-friendly, absorbent, breathable, soft and noiseless during movement while effectively preventing feathers from coming through.This Set of 

Two Luxury Goose Down Pillows is now $24.99, down from $46.79, a savings of $21.80!

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