Save 55% on the Gilligan’s Island Complete 17 Disc Series!

Deals | September 16th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Gilligan’s Island Complete 17 Disc Series
Price at time of Publishing: $26.80

Grab the complete series of Gilligan’s Island and embark on a hilarious, tropical adventure like no other!

If you’re old enough to remember, and even if you’re not, you’ve likely heard reminiscing remarks about the clean, quality, and fun of TV shows from the past. Now you can have your own collection of one such television masterpiece. This set includes all three seasons of the shipwrecked shenanigans that took place on an uncharted South Pacific island when seven stranded castaways struggled to survive the outdoors and each other in this wonderful and unforgettable comedy series. The set includes 17 discs and a lifetime of laughs and enjoyment. 

The Gilligan’s Island Complete 17 Disc Series is now $26.80, down from $59.99, a savings of $33.19! 

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