Save 59% on Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Pet Wipes! 

Deals | May 20th, 2024


Discounted Item: Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Pet Wipes
Price at time of Publishing: $4.47

Buy your dog grooming aids for the number one brand in the country! 

That’s right, Burt’s Bees is the number one brand in the USA and you can join the millions that are reaping the benefits for their pet. You could start with this incredible deal on Burt’s Bees Tearless Pet Wipes as an easy and fast grooming solution for those unexpected messes that need a remedy in a hurry. These wipes are a quick solution for removing dirt and odors from your dog’s coat in between baths and as a paw cleaner after long walks, because after all, you never know where they have stepped. These tarless wipes are made of the highest quality and 99.7% natural ingredients which gently cleanse and soothe your pup’s skin and soften their fur. They are ideal for most dogs and puppies, are pH balanced specifically to dogs’ skin to retain their moisture barrier. They are a perfect addition to your dog’s grooming supplies. You can feel confident knowing there are NO sulfates, colorants, added fragrances, artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals. This is part of what makes Burt’s Bees for Pets a natural dog company like no other. 

This Pack of Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Pet Wipes is now $4.47, down from $10.99, a savings of $6.52!

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