Save Money This Month With These FREEBates!

Samples | January 23rd, 2023


You’ve heard of a rebate- but what’s a freebate? It’s a rebate that makes your purchase free! And we love FREE!

Brands want you to try their products – especially new ones – in the hopes you’ll come back for more. They’re even willing to give away their goodies for free sometimes!

If you prefer other ways of saving, click here to see other offers to help your budget.

For each rebate offer, you’ll need to provide information – typically your phone number and/or email address – you’ll then submit a receipt for the item being offered. You’ll then receive a refund for the price of the item(s) making your purchase free! Your rebate can often be deposited in your Venmo or Paypal account within days!

Here are the latest freebates we’ve found – and we’re always on the search for more! 🕵️

🥞 Annie & Jack’s Frozen Food
🍝 Born Simple Organic Pasta Sauce
🌱 Barvecue Plant-Based Meats
💦 Cure Electrolyte Mix
🥜 Daily Crunch Nut Medley
🥤 Eclipse Shake at Smashburger
🍫 Gatsby Chocolate Bar or Peanut Butter Cups
🥥 Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
🌶 Nando’s PERi-PERi Hot Sauce
🍓 Rind Straw-Peary Snacks
🌮 Tia Lupita Foods
🤝 Unite Protein Bars

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.