Side Hustle Spotlight: Camp Counselor

Blog | May 5th, 2022

Full-time jobs can be taxing and unfulfilling – especially for parents with small children, those who want more time outdoors, or those who adore teaching the next generation. Fortunately, a side hustle as a camp counselor can get you a little more side cash while giving you the emotional satisfaction that your full-time work may not be providing.

Being a camp counselor can be fun, exciting, and emotionally appealing when you know what to do. All the information you need to be a camp counselor is right here, at your fingertips.

How To Get Started

Being a camp counselor does not require much formal experience. Being a camp counselor will require more outdoorsy experience than a degree. To become a camp counselor, you may want to start by evaluating the kind of camp you would like to work in. Some summer camps are located in mountainous regions. Others are on lakes or rivers.

After you choose the type of camp in which you would like to be a counselor, you can learn the necessary outdoor skills to make you successful in the role.

Training, Certifications, and Permits

No formal training is required to be a camp counselor. However, you may be required to get certifications for First Aid, CPR, and AED devices. Employers will also likely prefer someone with outdoor, camping, and water sports experience. Teaching or early education experience will likely assist in landing the position as a camp counselor.

Digital First Aid certifications are accessible online through the American Red Cross website, so you never have to worry about presenting the physical copy.

Summer Opportunities

Camp counselor roles are usually most prominent during the summer. However, there are camping trips throughout the year. These positions may be harder to find until the summer comes. Many youth programs from national parks have an opening for camp counselors and camping programs.

Parents who want their children to experience summer camp but do not want to leave them for a period may want to get all the qualifications necessary to be a camp counselor to keep a personal eye on their children.

Being a parent camp counselor can be a great way to keep your parental relationship with your children strong and connect with them on a special level.

Expected Returns

Most camp counselors are young, and because the qualifications are easy to achieve, the pay is close to minimum wage. While you won’t be going on any grand adventures from the money you earn as a camp counselor, you may be able to pay for food, bus fare, and a host of other small expenses from your side hustle as a camp counselor.

Parents who want to be camp counselors may find their returns more emotional than monetary and may treasure the time they spent with their children more than any money they have earned by being a camp counselor.

Whether you are a parent looking to spend the summer with your child or a full-time employee looking for some extra outdoor time, being a camp counselor can provide you with a great opportunity. Choosing to be a camp counselor simple, quick, and satisfying!

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