Side Hustle Spotlight: Consulting

Blog | February 9th, 2023

Starting a side hustle in consulting can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, whether you’re looking to supplement your current income or make a career out of it, there are several essential things to consider before diving in.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of becoming a consultant, what types of certifications and training you may need (if any), and provide examples of how you can turn your current job into a side hustle in consulting. 

Decide Your Services

The first step to becoming a consultant is deciding what services you can offer. It’s essential to identify your skill set and experience, think about what kind of services you could realistically provide people, and then assess the market—what are other consultants are offering? What fees are they charging per hour?

Doing this research upfront will help ensure that you have competitive rates so that clients will be willing to hire you. Additionally, if there is an area where few consultants are currently operating, this might present an opportunity for you to fill a gap in the market.

Certifications and Training

Once you’ve identified what type of services your business will offer, it’s time to start thinking about the necessary certifications or training that might be required. Depending on the industry, certain services may require professional accreditation for clients to feel confident hiring you as their consultant.

For example, many industries, such as accounting or legal, require either professional certification or licensing before one can practice as a consultant. Therefore, before launching your business, ensure that all relevant certificates or licenses have been obtained so that clients know they are working with an experienced and qualified individual. 


Now let’s look at examples of how people can turn their current job into a side hustle consulting business. If someone works in accounting, for example, they could start offering budgeting advice or tax planning services as part of their consulting business on the side.

Similarly, if someone works in IT, they could begin offering tech support services such as software installation or system maintenance. Finally, those interested in marketing could provide social media management and SEO optimization services, which are highly sought after by small businesses trying to maximize their online presence and reach new customers. 

Financial Returns

When considering expected financial returns for starting a consulting side hustle business, it depends on how much time and effort one puts into growing the business.

In general, however, most people who work part-time as consultants can expect earnings anywhere from $25-50/hr, depending on the complexity of the task and specialization level required for each project the consultant takes.

With dedication and focus, however, these earnings can increase over time as word spreads about your expertise and more clients come knocking seeking your help.


In conclusion, starting a side hustle consulting business has its rewards but also requires careful planning beforehand to ensure success. With hard work and dedication, anyone interested should be able to find success doing something they love while achieving greater financial flexibility down the line.